Mistakenly Perma Banned

Pre Game Lobby: My Comrade: can i pick adc jung My Comrade: or supp My Comrade: dont have xd In Game: My Comrade: huh My Comrade: no wards My Comrade: that miss tho My Comrade: very unlucky with how our jungler played the beginning of the game My Comrade: so sad [All]My Comrade: very sad My Comrade: lol u just getting soloed actually yas xd My Comrade: he hasnt touched any lane except top My Comrade: he hasnt done anything for top My Comrade: but die xd My Comrade: we can win still honestly My Comrade: they dont scale at al My Comrade: luckily My Comrade: im at 0 lp My Comrade: so lee trolling doesnt My Comrade: lol My Comrade: why would i say no My Comrade: do you see this game My Comrade: prob lee [All]My Comrade: oh yeah [All]My Comrade: 2 infernals [All]My Comrade: forgot [All]My Comrade: free af infernals btw [All]My Comrade: lee guaranteed autofill [All]My Comrade: didnt even check My Comrade: LOL [All]My Comrade: hes not even autofilled just really bad [All]My Comrade: unlucky My Comrade: LOL My Comrade: you inted lvl 2 My Comrade: xd My Comrade: b4 yas died My Comrade: wym [All]My Comrade: nah this team is just really bad [All]My Comrade: LOL [All]My Comrade: i got the only 2 kills on this team [All]My Comrade: so sad [All]My Comrade: very sad [All]My Comrade: lol [All]My Comrade: you asked for the solid camp [All]My Comrade: and down 60 cs [All]My Comrade: failed bm [All]My Comrade: sure [All]My Comrade: enjoy the carry [All]My Comrade: i really didnt tho [All]My Comrade: not much i can do other than lee missing q [All]My Comrade: lol if you think you are tilting me [All]My Comrade: you are wrong [All]My Comrade: im at 0 lp [All]My Comrade: irdc [All]My Comrade: SURE [All]My Comrade: lool [All]My Comrade: hardstuck diamond for how many years buddy [All]My Comrade: you are ass [All]My Comrade: you mean 2v1 top [All]My Comrade: jungle top the whole game [All]My Comrade: lol what As you can see I was actually permanently banned for this. I believe this is a complete mistake considering what was said here. Granted nothing I said was exactly positive but the enemy team was egging me on for the score being 24 to 2 with the 2 kills being mine. I actually wasnt even angry considering I was at 0 lp and just got promoted. This is just really unfortunate. What do you guys think do I deserve to be perma banned for this?
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