Permaban Review pls! I think I deserve a second glance :/

ea I've had a bit of a patience issue with league recently. I've been playing this game for like the past 5 seasons and really care about my account. It's only recently over season 8 and season 9 that I've tilted more than usual. I think I deserve a second chance as I've usually been on good behavior in all the other seasons. Or at least reasonable standards. Sometimes losing my cool but not this often with an honor level as high as 3 I think? I've been playing since Season 4 and find this a great recreation. Sure it's a wakeup call that maybe I'm losing my patience too frequently when playing. I just think permanently? After 5 years? I hope the fact that this has never happened before means something to this company. I've had chat restricts before and recently a two week ban. I think just because it all happened within a short period of time is what set the system off! I think this homie deserves at least a second glance so he might be able to keep doing what he loves as his favorite game. Game 1 In-Game Moriss: they have a ward on your red Moriss: you could just reset Moriss: his red Moriss: hes permashoving top Moriss: pls gank Moriss: ???????????? Moriss: you shouldve taken notice by now Moriss: ignite and ult are down Moriss: fuckking Moriss: wake up Moriss: look at the map Moriss: asshole Moriss: fuckking Moriss: yea Moriss: idk why you left Moriss: i was setting up a dive Moriss: hey Moriss: smug elise Moriss: fuckking come top Moriss: PLEASE Moriss: \ Moriss: hes permashoving Moriss: all game Moriss: fuckking help Moriss: youre just forcintg me to give up tower Moriss: please help Moriss: god damnit Moriss: hes permashoving Moriss: easy gank Moriss: god damn it guys Moriss: come on Moriss: i love it Moriss: if i were that permashoved to tower Moriss: id be fuckking camped all game Moriss: no matter how badly i beg or plead Moriss: no ganks Moriss: its so tilting Moriss: lucky urgot Moriss: wow Moriss: k Moriss: cancer jungler Moriss: could you report this elise Moriss: ? Moriss: shes not ganking out of spite Moriss: dude Moriss: im just going to afk Moriss: if you jsut dry me out Moriss: of all resources Moriss: i really will Moriss: give me a hand Moriss: im your teammate Moriss: for bettero or worse Moriss: pls report Moriss: at least Moriss: calling your teammate an asshole Moriss: is reportable Moriss: and shes just being pettyu Moriss: i expect you to get over it Moriss: after ive said Moriss: 5 times in chat Moriss: permashoving top Moriss: i eventually lose my patience Moriss: go figure Moriss: yea dude Moriss: youre not heloping this Moriss: pls Moriss: mutually agree to movew on Moriss: and help me Moriss: and ill help yuou Moriss: yea ok Moriss: you can shut up Moriss: im ove rit Moriss: thats not really the same Moriss: as youres aying Moriss: im sorry Moriss: for fuckking you rlane Moriss: and letting urgot free farm Moriss: but yea Moriss: best ill get im sure Moriss: honestly Moriss: ive never met a more petty attitude Moriss: in game Moriss: stiull gotta win Moriss: ik htat every time as jungle Moriss: i dont let my little vendettas Moriss: fuckk balance Moriss: honestly elise Moriss: all top laners Moriss: all solo laners Moriss: are going to tilt off the face of the fuckking earth Moriss: if you just dry them out Moriss: with that kind of attitude Moriss: fine ig Moriss: ill stop typing Moriss: the only reason were ahving trouble closing the game Moriss: is because of urgot Post-Game Moriss: hey honestly Moriss: i didnt deserve that shitt Moriss: if a top alner Moriss: or any laner Moriss: is facing severe difficulty in their lane matchup Moriss: and you just soft int Moriss: by letting them get away with murder Moriss: youre just going to make thigns worse Moriss: i make a fair point Moriss: you might not care to agree with me Moriss: but i make a valid point Moriss: the reason i got angry Moriss: is because you were starving me of resources Moriss: communication Moriss: sometimes comes through strong words Moriss: and saying Moriss: fuckking come top Moriss: is sometimes the most direct Moriss: way of communicating Moriss: its not persoanl Moriss: its not against you irl Moriss: its just hey Moriss: help Moriss: this is that fuckking urgent Moriss: yea part of getting sterssed out Moriss: i dont really like your shitty justification Moriss: of your actions Moriss: imma be real Moriss: oh Moriss: you deserved it Moriss: aha Moriss: you said one intense thing Moriss: therefore you shall suffer Moriss: all game Moriss: im usually very calm ig Moriss: which is why it hit hard this game Moriss: because everyone has an upper limit Moriss: and watching your team give you the bird Moriss: is like Moriss: not fun Moriss: :/ Moriss: it was a matter Moriss: of not giving first tower Moriss: more than anything Game 2 In-Game Moriss: sure man Moriss: wut Moriss: ghes hyvrid Moriss: ult Moriss: magic damage Moriss: hj4 Moriss: hey j4 Moriss: ping well in advance Moriss: if youre gonna go for a ballsy Moriss: tower dive Moriss: dont just do it Moriss: as im walking back Moriss: i cant read minds dude Moriss: not always Moriss: really Moriss: im suprised af Moriss: that doesnt count counter strike Moriss: as interacting Moriss: dude Moriss: chill Moriss: no but i dodged damage Moriss: i was also suprised Moriss: it timed out Moriss: honestly Moriss: if we group Moriss: avoid getting womboed Moriss: we can make things happen Moriss: big aoe Moriss: j4 setup[ Moriss: so just chill Moriss: gj riven Moriss: bounty system Moriss: amkes for comeback Moriss: so just relax Moriss: and focus Moriss: we still in it Moriss: baited Moriss: the fuckk out of us Moriss: youre an idiot Moriss: there was no reason Moriss: to path that way Moriss: 4 second recall Moriss: fuckkin a man Moriss: idiot Moriss: off role Moriss: go figure Moriss: pls report jinx Moriss: hate speech Moriss: sure Moriss: not worth Moriss: im just a 3/8 jax after all Moriss: man Moriss: theres no point in being toxic Moriss: positive mindset like Moriss: dont ff @ 15 Moriss: let us look at possibly winning Moriss: instead of you just drenching in the game Moriss: in douchebaggery Moriss: in spite of me? Moriss: i got everyone to relax Moriss: yoiure just spitting hot coal Moriss: bumemr man Moriss: byummer Moriss: gj Moriss: m Moriss: bummer Moriss: trying Moriss: gj\ Moriss: its game Post-Game Moriss: honors to velkoz Moriss: for not tilting off the face of the earth Moriss: report for jinx Moriss: for just breathing fire all game Moriss: and making things tense
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