So apparently 1 game of Supposed INT feeding is 14 day bannable.?

So kind of curious of why I got a 14 day ban for supposed INT feeding after only one game? Like seriously EVERY one on my team did bad and no one did good I was just singled out cause I had the most deaths so both their team and my team reports me. I mean shit the enemy team is flat out saying in all chat " don't worry we will report them." Like come on. YEs i'm upset and talking trash cause i'm frustrated my team fed their team 6 kills at the start of the game chasing their team trying to defend our red. But did I int feed on purpose ? nope I mean heck I had the highest CS on my team so if I was supposedly just running it down a lane then how did that happen? I mean jesus.. And then its 14 days worth of suspension bit excessive for a first time offence if you insist on this holding. I mean jesus I've been called racial remarks Sexist remarks and threatened and seen people get less punishments this is kinda ridiculous.
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