I, LightTrack, have been Permanently Banned from League of Legends as of 20/04/2019

Hey, I deserved it. It's over now. I'm free of this game and my sentimental obsession with keeping up with the game. As a seasoned veteran after 5 years, this game really does feel like it is dying. Or maybe i am getting older so it only appears like it. Regardless, despite the tremendous rarity value over my account, i do not feel regret in the slightest except for the fact that i will miss it all. My name will live on in other games and whenever else i need to use a nickname. As much time i gave League, it gave me a lot back. And i am grateful for it, despite the amount of anger and mental torture it gave in return. Fun fact: When i once told Laughing Fish to "go fuck himself" or something like that here, on NA, i got banned on the EU Boards for it. That incident sparked my feud with him but it doesn't matter now. This is the last time i am here and even though people love to hide their true selves behind screens and snarky quips, we all can read inbetween the lines if we want to. It's been nice knowing you all, no matter how you've treated me. I've learned from this and just wanted to say "Thank you!". So, good luck to you all and take care! Free at last! Farewell! -LT
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