1st game off my ban lets have some fun...or get permabanned...

Ok, you can do this just play it right and you'll win. So its the start of the game and nothing much is happening my jg hast really ganked. oh and plus its a ranked game. my jg is ganking other lanes incorrectly and ends up dying for it he is 0/3/1 so i tell him you suck at jg. He doesn't type which to myself doesn't matter. so im playing riven and, im against a morde i die he dies then he starts killing me. So in teamchat i tell Warwick come top and help me kill this %%%%%%. ( Side note i did not mean gay i was calling him wood and i would burn him when i killed him) I say that mordekaiser is a "braindead champion" not calling him it. And every time i died he would ping mastery and thumbs up emote. And so my score goes cold 2/6/3, in which my adc starts to begin. The flame was terrible from her and i just didn't care until i got sick of her yacking and told her stfu. she then proceeds to get butthurt and start flaming even worse so i mute her while telling her turn off chat. so Morgana decides to hop along flames too, i tell her turn off chat, stop typing, she doesn't again a mute. So then malzahar comes along. flames but not to the extent of morgana and senna. btw not to mention they weren't doing so good score wise either. so game ends sadly mutes dont last until post game so morg and senna starting flaming again i tell them stop being immature and they could possibly be banned. They don't care so i just tell them "ill see you in 2 weeks" and leave lobby. Bad things i said that game (i think ¯\_(ヅ)_/¯) these are from my logs AC - All chat TC - Team chat (AC) such a braindead champ - talking about the champion mordekaiser (TC) Help me kill this %%%%%% - talking to warwick (TC) we must slaughter this bitch - talking to warwick (AC) turn off chat plz - talking to Senna (TC) your butthurt - to Senna (AC) report senna - to enemy team (TC) dude stfu - to Senna (AC) wish she would turn off chat - talking to enemy Ashe (AC) she intoxicated bro - talking to enemy Ashe (TC) well another intoxicated person i guess - to morgana Post-game learn to stop being intoxicated - to Morgana and Senna well nice 2 weeks buddies - Senna and Morgana see you in 2 weeks or never - Senna and Morgana intoxicated children - Senna and Morgana ill see you in 2 weeks - Senna 2 minutes later im cooling off from last game but i see something appear on my screen. Account Suspended this made me just so so annoyed as this isnt the first time i get banned for "toxicity". my previous ban before this was for calling someone a "bitch" because they stole my champ in champion select I will not leak the names of these players unless it appeals toward my ban What should i do?
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