Using pings to "tilt" your teammates only brings your win rate down

Pings are meant to share valuable information with your teammates without having to stop and type. They can go from "focus this guy" to "I think there's a guy hiding in this bush". If you flame the guy and you see he hasn't replied to your inflammatory comments for the past 5-10 minutes, just assume he has muted you and play the game the best you can. Resorting to "imma spam ping this guy because I died, or because he died, or because he fucked up" is very detrimental to your success, as the majority of the time, the person will then also mute your pings if he sees you're abusing them to try to tilt him instead of to try to win the game. Pings are vital and can win/lose you games depending on whether you use them properly or you abuse them when chat flaming isn't enough for you. Use pings wisely!
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