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Ok, ok. I know there are plenty of new players that have likely made the same post I am now. But, I really would appreciate some honest feedback. At the risk of simply being told “git gud”, I am having a really hard time EVERY time I play a ranked match in Solo/Duo Q. And sadly, teaming with players I’ve played with before does not tend to help. I am a level 35 summoner with level 29 mastery score and Bronze II rank. I have played up to Platinum Rank in games similar to LoL, but frankly those games do seem easier than LoL. I’m FAR from being the most skilled player, but I think that I at least know enough to not be a complete idiot when in the rift. What I find so crazy, is that I actually do well in unranked matches. That may not mean much, but I get A to S scores there fairly consistently. I go to ranked Solo/Duo and I feel that I struggle the entire game. The skill difference of the players from ranked to unranked seems skewed. No matter how I have performed, I have yet to be told that I’m trash or had much wrath focused my way, which I’m pleasantly surprised by. However, I was in a game today (playing as Swain top lane) in which I was told by a teammate (Fizz mid lane) who was smurfing that I would perform better if I could actually hit the enemy with my skills. I was vs. an Aatrox who was smurfing as well. Admittedly, the Aatrox was more skilled than I was, but I was at least doing ok. I was not constantly being slaughtered by him, but I was playing the lane very safely which did effect my CS. I replied to the Fizz, that I agree, but I am still a relatively new player. I said further that I was doing my best and if you look at our teams performance I was obviously not the only teammate having a hard time (our jungler and mid himself were getting outplayed as well). The Fizz then replied that if I’m a new player that I “don’t belong in Solo Q”. The convo ended there, we kept playing the game and ended up winning it. What I’m confused by, is that the point of a ranking system and the solo queue is that new players are able to play the game and rank up against players of a similar skill level... This is why I’m new and in BRONZE rank. Again, I’m not the best player, but to expect me to perform well against someone else who is smurfing is a little unfair. Right? So, I’m now finally to the main point of my post... I know smurfing exists and will always exist. I guess there will never be a truly fair and balanced solo experience. But, how am I to prepare for those experiences? Does an enemy player that is a smurf really make that big of a difference? Should I learn to play only meta champions? Was the Fizz right and I should only play unranked until I am more experienced? If so, when is a good time to dive into ranked play? Thanks for your time
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