Use of "Kys"

Why? Why would you say it to anyone you don't know. Whether they're bad at a game or beating you at it, there's absolutely no excuse. Sometimes I won't mind because I know it's not their intention but honestly, it makes me mad. I've had depression along with an abusive childhood and Reddit and LoL have always been my escapes. I know no one should give a heck about that but sometimes telling someone "kys" actually hurts. _A lot._ Sometimes I'll end a game and cry, it's not very often but it does happen, and probably happens to other people to... I just don't get why this trend started, there's a limit, even I myself enjoy my dose of depressive memes but telling someone to end their life mustn't be taken lightly. It bothers me a lot and it probably hurts a lot of people, more than you'd think. So please, no matter how dumb it might sound, have sympathy. Telling someone to kill themselves isn't flaming, it's way worse. Please remove that phrase from your vocabulary. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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