I chose not to report a blatantly inting player...

They were on the enemy team, saying nothing in chat that was toxic, but they were blatantly inting. Running into vision and standing there dancing, shoving into towers and staying there waiting for us to come and get him while doing nothing to get away or defend himself. The enemy team begged us to report him. I told them I wouldn't, and I didn't. Wanna know why? 1. Because it won't matter. I've reported dozens of inters and feeders this year displaying toxic _BEHAVIOR_ and they are never punished. They go on to ruin more games. 2. Whenever I ask for that same fucking asshole on my own team to be reported they don't fucking do it. They tell me to "git gud" "ggwp" like it was a fair game. Well too bad assholes. Enjoy getting that jerk in your next game and the game after! The community doesn't take this shit seriously or hold Riot accountable to enforce their own rules, why should I or anyone give a shit?
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