I think toxicity is so prevalent in league because people think they won't get banned for it

Just my thoughts and observations on the matter, but I feel like people are toxic and shit in this game because they've come to the conclusion that they'll either only get a chat restriction or just not get banned at all. With the reporting system being so whacked out when it comes to if it wants to ban someone for toxicity or not, people think they can get away with this shit with no real punishment. **(ex: one guy could say fuck you r%%%%% and get away and someone else could say you're shit and should fucking die will get banned where both sentences are extremely toxic and SHOULD lead to a ban)** My idea for a way to maybe remedy this is a system like CS has, where if someone is reported for toxicity, anyone who signs up and is approved with honor 3+ for longer than one month can choose to review a case and determine if there indeed was toxicity or not in chat. Names would be redacted obviously but I think it could work if it was given a chance. Also, remove chat restriction, that shit usually doesn't even work because people who were toxic once are typically going to be toxic again. just my two cents, lmk what you guys/girls think.

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