Chat restrictions

got chat restricted in normal game by arguing with my bot laner about why i the top laner cant gank her at 8 mins. So i plan to play ranked just for the heck of it. Also id like to make clear that if we are clearly loosing and our mid laner is int feeding and people dont ff that gets me tilted Game 1 Pre-Game FeministSion: mid In-Game FeministSion: gj FeministSion: wtf FeministSion: wtf FeministSion: i side steped that FeministSion: gg FeministSion: ff 15 FeministSion: not even 10 min and the bot lane tower is lost FeministSion: im not the jg FeministSion: yeah i anm FeministSion: nice late Q FeministSion: blitz FeministSion: bc of you two FeministSion: feeding and loosing the bot so early FeministSion: im not the jg FeministSion: lmao FeministSion: im the mid laner dumbass FeministSion: tf are you talking about? FeministSion: im mid laning against lux FeministSion: i dont have time to babysit you guys at the bot lane FeministSion: terrible FeministSion: good one FeministSion: nah im good FeministSion: your turret seems to be gone FeministSion: man you fed her to much FeministSion: gj kai FeministSion: first time i died to her FeministSion: ty bot lane FeministSion: lmao kai FeministSion: how tf FeministSion: im i supposed FeministSion: to have prescene FeministSion: when you lost the tower FeministSion: at 8 min FeministSion: i didnt even have my ult FeministSion: by then dumbass FeministSion: you're so dumb FeministSion: it hurts FeministSion: dur dur why do you not have presence baby sit me sion FeministSion: how do you spam rolls when you have no cdr vayne? FeministSion: PLEASE END FeministSion: nah its your medcine FeministSion: you guys lost the bot lane at 8 min and fed vayne FeministSion: and refuse to ff good luck loosing FeministSion: ill just tab out while you guys waste your time FeministSion: kk FeministSion: didnt loose mine at 8 min FeministSion: lol FeministSion: please end FeministSion: my adc gives me a headace FeministSion: bc you guys fed tem FeministSion: cant win with feeders like you two FeministSion: gg FeministSion: you suck Post-Game FeministSion: a blitz that cant even land a Q FeministSion: gg FeministSion: that leana FeministSion: leona FeministSion: lol that time you let leona waltz around in the mid lane FeministSion: while all 4 of us were there FeministSion: then after pinging you repeatedly for 30 secs to q her FeministSion: you finally do it and their whole team came FeministSion: gg Game 2 Pre-Game FeministSion: TOP In-Game FeministSion: gj team FeministSion: mine FeministSion: he has no mana FeministSion: and he picked vel as a sup for some reason FeministSion: 13 min in and no ganks from ww FeministSion: ty FeministSion: jg FeministSion: 3 people just for me? FeministSion: i feel so honored FeministSion: litteraly the only message i typed the whole game FeministSion: dummy FeministSion: ty FeministSion: lol when the bot lane does such a sh*tty job FeministSion: thier bot lane comes to top FeministSion: ff FeministSion: idk why you guys didnt ff FeministSion: idk how were going to win this FeministSion: dont mia me FeministSion: ms 1/4 FeministSion: please end FeministSion: surrender FeministSion: kk FeministSion: have fun loosing FeministSion: good one FeministSion: just end the game please troll team wont ff even though we clearly lost
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