please tell me - future

Why are people so damn sensitive in this game? I know theres like 100's of posts similiar to this one but honestly, people in this game are so used to pulling the victim card and call you "Toxic" and then beg for reports like a dude that is willing to have another guy have sexual relations with his girl. Asking simple questions like "why are you build ad on an ap champ? xD" Even adding a little face so the softies dont get crazy but nah thats "toxic". Annnnnnd even if i was, JUST MUTE ME, thats what tf its for. I dont know where im going with this tbh, I already know the teemo mains and other weirdos are gonna give me flak for this, but imma leave with this, we gotta do better yall, YOU GUYS ARE GROWN ASS ADULTS. ADULTS. QUIT BEGGING AND ASKING PEOPLE TO SNITCH IN A COMPUTER GAME. 69's ass kids. ps beyonce had one of the best videos of all time
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