The Ban System is an Absolute Joke

I had the misfortune of playing two games in a row with a guy who afked in both of them once he believed we were losing. Because it seemed like a regular thing he does, I've decided to look at his games. And guess what? He's still doing it. He even said at the end of the game "yeah I'm not going to get banned" because he KNOWS the system is awful. Playing in the games he is winning is enough to keep him from being banned because the system is that bad. I submitted a report to riot support just because I knew this was going to happen. And sure enough here he is, 5 days later, still afking in games. But that's fine because (unpopular opinion starts here) as long as he doesn't hurt anyone's feelings, which I fixed a long time ago with disabling chat, he can just keep actually ruining games for people. Not only does the ban system prioritize the wrong thing in league, but it doesn't even make sense why it prioritizes what it does. If we assume every ban case is actually looked at by a person, it's not even that much easier to see if a person is trolling vs if someone is flaming. I mean this guy just blatantly sits in base!!! Is it that hard to load up a couple of matches and see its a regular thing? Harder to do than checking someones chat logs? Guess so. Or maybe afking is just looked on lighter than being mean to someone even though both absolutely suck to have in your game. I have ZERO faith in the report system and every bit of hatred I have for it has been proven in my 5 years of league.
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