Got Perma’d for saying “ You’re garbage”

Clearly, to get permanently banned you have to get reported a lot. And to say I’m not toxic would be a lie. But I don’t call people names. I don’t swear. I often just say things like “ you’re not good your champ is cancer” that kind of stuff. After getting a two week ban I was like okay if we say anything bad bye bye this account. Played a game where my Mid laner got super mad and started raging at me the Adc and our jungler. At first it was funny because he was really doing poorly so I didn’t care about his opinion. But after a while I got annoyed so I said “ Dude you’re garbage?” And when he told me I sucked I said he did as well. I got permanently banned. There was only this one game of chat logs as evidence. I should’ve just stopped typing in general, yes. But the fact that you would get an account penalty for something like this is insane. This company is just so soft. You should only get banned for slurs and hurtful insults. The fact that you can’t banter at all without risk of a ban is a joke. They just want this to be a game where little kids feel comfortable. If they successfully make the community Disney then they will win over the fortnite kids. Just kind of a joke. Not to mention all the inters I have encountered that never got banned. Quality system. GG
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