Bringing back Player Tribunal

Player Tribunal was dropped essentially because players abused the system and trolled. However, I now want to propose this idea: Bring the Tribunal back, but only players who are honor level 5 can review cases. The case is given to 3 players, and majority ruling determines that player's fate. If a player is in constant minority when judging (aka they're trolling), then they will no longer be asked to review cases. Players who review cases can get a minor reward, like maybe 100 orange essence: nothing too big, but enough to give incentive to review cases. This is a blueprint of the idea, but it should work better than it has in the past, as those who r lvl 5 honor are more well behaved then the majority of players, and in the odd case where someone slips through the cracks, there are others who can make that individual stand out. I just think it sucks when a player is unrightfully punished because the bot detected something that was taken out of context, while the bot ignores phrases used for bot dodging (like different languages or inting). Thoughts?
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