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So i been like 1-2 months ago banned regarding a foolish subject ,which i mean wouldn't even deserve a permanent ip ban for accesing support assistance. I was talking in general on support assistance , about the fact that people get permanent banned for almost nothing that negative , while there is grief/troll cases which impact and affect hundreds of players and never get detected ... , so i was talking and talking , and i pointed the fact that the support assistance kind of deny to discuss my punishment chat logs, they refused to send me the chat logs lines , they considered and marked as toxic ... , so i guess that's not kind of helping me , if i really had problems i passed over ,as my behaviour evolve , but the fact i been not receiving the information i wanted , maked me to write them again and again , asking for that right , Even now if some Rioter would look back to my case they would see that they not even help me with my problem... , but they will refuse to say that support assistance have a problem. So every time i was giving my name and account data to speak about my case , i was getting support ban . So one day i been writing them in general about punishments , after a while some agent writed me back asking for my name and account , cause i was speaking in general about punishments and the fact some previous agents refused to help me find what was toxic into my chat logs etc.... , he tells me to write the name of account and in-game name ,region , so i do that because he sayd that he will look into and try to explain me... ,after my reply some other agent got my case and permanent ip banned me from accesing support assistance , so or do i have a problem , or they do have a problem to help people who really need a simple piece of information ,they rather ban multiple accounts from accesing ranked support ,and ban me ip to acces support , than answering me to a stupid case with what i been requested for ... . That's not the end of all the problems , because across the time i had no longer acces to support at all ,as i can't log at all from both ip providers services i use ... , and if i create new account i still have no acces to support assistance.. , so i can't even contest them decision , neither to have support assistance regarding multiple bugs i been encounter ,multiple cases of grief/troll and much more... . I have e-mail tickets conversation , but now i have no clue how i can contest them decision ,or how i could report an abuse of those rules ,as i haven't been doing anything wrong regarding that , if i asked for the lines in my chat logs who been toxic considered... , but that's the problem ,they been much more aggresive and indifferent regarding my problem , and at what cost ,i mean why would they refuse to give me the lines i been considered toxic ,it just makes non sense for me , why they would refuse to do that , and create such a loop of bans and tickets... , i still have no answer in the present , so maybe some Rioter can make light , regarding that.

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