Chat Restricted. Is the system a lot stricter than it used to be?

I guess it's not a big deal because the season is ending soon anyways, and the chat restriction is only for 9 matches, but I find it odd that I got chat restricted and it seems like the system has gotten a lot more strict nowadays than it was years ago. I used to be a frequently toxic player years ago breaking most of the rules on flaming and even inting at times, and in 2000 ranked matches I never received one report. I was finally punished once a couple of years later for getting salty and flaming a teammate and was restricted for I think 30 matches. I've rarely used the chat since then, but just recently got into an argument with a very tilted adc who got mad about me dying to a countergank. While what I'd said was most certainly negative, I wouldn't think any of it would break the rules. I thought it was basically no slurs and no threats. What happened essentially was that they called me trash and telling me to admit I'm a bad player and I came back sarcastically referring to them as Faker. They said I failed two ganks, to which I said they failed the ganks by doing no damage, to which they replied "Yeah, I don't have damage," to which I replied with "No ****." I guess the worst bit would probably be me saying "I don't think you understand that I don't care. If I did I would have muted you and would have kept ganking anyways instead of letting you get steamrolled constantly" and "Okay, keep feeding," and then I muted them before well as typing in all chat "[person] is too busy raging to play the game, lol" after they died being dove under turret. We won the match and they half-apologized at the end, but I was kind of surprised that that could be considered verbal abuse these days. I don't mean to be an ignorant toxic player, but this was very tame in comparison to the norm in League throughout the middle years and in comparison to the language and attitude of the other player involved.
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