Stubborn Riot Employee Refuses to Undo False Ban

Here's a YouTube link to a video of the game in question: The other day I got banned for intentionally feeding in the linked game. After submitting a ticket containing reasons for every single death, a stubborn customer service rioter still thinks that it is justified. I don't expect it to get reversed since customer service as this company is INCREDIBLY stubborn, however I would love to hear what the community thinks about this. Please watch the replay if you can and let me know. Here are all the reasons for every death, and keep in mind I have never played this champion before, was against much better players, my ADC refused to cooperate with me, and lastly I was experiencing huge connection issues causing me to get hit by charms, stuns, etc. Apparently League's match history service is down right now, but it would just be the most recent match for the player "username1010" (I'm very creative with names, I know lol) Death #: Reason 1:Sat in river checking for invade and got killed without team helping me 2:Got cheesed from a bush while walking to lane 3:Teleported back to lane, didn't realize Ahri was sitting in bush and got charmed. However, I still almost killed her. She literally would've died with one more auto, however my Lucian decided he wanted to not help me so it made the death look bad. 4:Got hit by an Ahri charm and one shot by her and kaisa WHILE SITTING UNDER TOWER 5:Was poking the ahri in lane, and then accidentally got hit by a charm. If my Lucian had stepped forward to threaten the enemy I wouldn't have died. However he allowed them to freely engage on me 2v1 as I was retreating. 6:Took blast cone towards the dragon pit and found the enemy Dr. Mundo who was sitting at 1 HP. I chased after him a bit to try to finish him off, but he slowed me. Then the Ahri roamed over to try to kill me, but even still I almost killed her and ended up being killed by the mid lane Xerath who had a lot of items at this point. 7:I go mid to save my mid laner ezreal from dying to Xerath, but he still dies anyway. I try to kill Xerath since he has low hp and he is in the middle of his ult. However he stops his ult and lands a stun on me and is able to just barely kill me before I get back to my tower. 8: I come back to bot lane to help Lucian. Kaisa and Ahri are both fairly low and they engage on him. Kaisa tower dives so I go for her. She just barely lives with 1hp after using her heal. I end up very low and run very far away from them, but die since 3 people chase after me. 9: I guess Kaisa was too strong at this point? She killed me before I even had a chance to react, and Lucian didn't help me at all even though it would've been a 2v1 if he attacked her. 10: Teleported into a ward in lane behind Kaisa in an attempt to flank her, since she was pushed up to tower. If my Lucian had engaged with me(I was spam pinging him to help), we would've killed Kaisa easily. But I died since he didn't engage with me 11: Went mid to clear minions. Accidentally got hit by a Xerath stun which put me at 1/2 hp. Then Ahri came out of nowhere from the river and hit a lucky charm on me which killed me. (I was getting hit by a lot of these skillshots because I'm not good at dodging, and I also was having very high ping during the game) 12: Come back mid to defend the falling tower, but I take a lot of poke damage and get very low. I then try to kill the scuttle crab to heal up a bit but I get cheesed by the Ahri who was sitting in a bush. I try to escape, but Kaisa comes out of nowhere from the bottom side of the map and cuts off my escape. 13: I walk back to defend tower, and the Dr. Mundo tower dives me. He gets me very low, but I also get him very low. He runs away, but the Xerath hit me with a long range ability and kills me WHILE I'M RETREATING AS BEST AS I CAN. 14: I go top with some of my teammates, but they end up walking away. The enemy Gangplank then comes top and ends up hitting a very lucky barrel on me(I was lagging too). Apparently he was strong enough to literally 2 shot me. 15: I go top to defend the tower(nobody else was going to apparently), and literally get tower dove while clearing the minions. 16: I teleport top to try again to save the tower. I clear out the minion wave then walk forward and get cheesed by the Gangplank who was camping in a bush(I thought he had left) This took me down to half hp. I flash away, but get killed by Xerath ult from SUPER far away. 17: I go bot to defend the tower against Kaisa, but at this point she has so many items that she just 1 shots me by my tower. 18: I notice my jungler(Kindred) being invaded by the enemy kaisa and I go to help him at his blue buff. I figured he would engaged with me since it looked like a 2v1 in our favour, but apparently the enemy Ahri was over the wall and also hit me with a lot of damage so I died. 19: The enemies are literally at our Nexus, so I have no choice but to try to hit them off our towers before they end the game. I even built some defensive items to help me not die. But nonetheless, I get one shot under tower through armor. 20: I try to kill the 1hp Dr. Mundo but get baited by his heal ability 21: I am defending our very low nexus from minions. Kaisa ults in from very far away and kills both Ezreal and me. And then the game ends. I am still trying to learn the game so I'm not as good as these players, I also had high ping during this game, and I was also trying a new champ out during this game. Bad game? Yes. Intentionally feeding? DEFINITELY NOT!

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