Removing Toxic atmosphere from League forever !

We all love this game but no one talks about the biggest problem---> Game atmosphere...Sometimes its enough for 1 person to say bad word just one time and Rift becomes more toxic than {{champion:17}} I belive removing chat box completly would solve the problem and replace it with limited chat options similar to Smart Pings in game.Obviously you guys dont want to do the same mistake like God.You cant give free will to toxic¸,stressed young people who reliefe their negative energy in a wrong way . Literally this restriction will kill bad atmosphere forever and bring back some positive vibes into community because even if someone wants to flame he is not able to.All you can do is choose what Riot allowed you to send to another player.Think about it guys.We dont need free will in the chat box.We only need words connected to League of Legends(lanes,roles,objectives,player or champion names,attack or defend commands,split push etc). I dont see the point in giving someone power to write me something bad about me or my family in a video game !! You will never cure entire planet by punishing a 10 year old kid with 10,20 min ban or permaban,he/she will just make another acc be nice 1-20 lvl after it here we go again. Solution was allways better than problem and i hope you will think about this Riot...Love from Croatia <3
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