When you BM in all chat, you're showing a weak mentality.

So, I talked to some friends of mine about this today and I'm wondering what you guys think. When someone is on my team (honestly, it's usually my ADC) and they start talking smack in all chat with "?" or "You're bad" or any of the endless other passive aggressive ways to BM people, I already pretty much know the player has a weak mentality. I say this because if you are mocking the enemy team, unless you're super high elo smurf, (and sometimes even then as I saw with a game I played vs a pro recently who got cocky), you are showing your team and the enemy that you are underestimating them and that you are probably going to pay less attention or be needlessly aggressive and arrogant, resulting in stupid plays. This usually eventually evolves to the player who was so cocky, all caps raging at the team because we "made them lose" when they are the ones being reckless and throwing due to hubris. I honestly live by the "don't celebrate till the nexus blows" mentality. Why is there even an all chat anyway? I almost never see it used for anything sportsmanlike XD So do you guys thinkk it's okay to "rib" other players in all chat?
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