14 days suspension for no reason... what..?

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How come enemy team allowed talks shit but i not? I supose to be happy when mine team trolls? like 1 dying under tower coz afk tanks build ap and does no dmg or tanky, adc feed abd leave and top cry for ganks when literaly whole map on fire? last game was i post 3 game chats here. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Game 1 In-Game Main xXx: pussy only know how to run Main xXx: pathetic... Main xXx: takin STOP AFK! Main xXx: when support has way more dmg then ADC.... how it can be called support??? Main xXx: bort focu zyra.,.. Main xXx: if uwant play dmg play mid idiot Main xXx: noob more clones trahs player cant 1v1' Main xXx: noob Main xXx: trash AF so fcking pathetic Main xXx: bot...? Main xXx: the fck this perma stun Main xXx: stfu feeder Main xXx: never 1v1 talks the most... pathetyic kid Main xXx: repoert talon only feed Main xXx: 5v1...... Main xXx: can u stfu kid? Main xXx: TALON U GET BANNED ! Main xXx: the fck this dmg,,,, walking trash Main xXx: JMID FREE KILL! Main xXx: noob only run ... Main xXx: reported talomn sjihn and veigar Main xXx: tank why u dont buikl ANY HP?! Main xXx: why the fck ig ot in team like this.... and how the they were in silver!? Main xXx: look at maphite fcking tank and 0 hp... Main xXx: noob erun to your mommy! Main xXx: the fck do u smoke??? Main xXx: gg ez when mine team 1 afk 1 troll 0 wards tank 0 hp.... i fcking solo here Main xXx: gan thios trash with noob ult . Main xXx: so hard play 1v9..... Game 2 In-Game Main xXx: dont push so i can gank Main xXx: almost took ww witlow hp and no itemds Main xXx: u kidding me.... r%%%%%%%%%%a ult,,, Main xXx: nice flash..... dodging the fcking skills... Main xXx: hpw u lose for cc tank??? Main xXx: DONT TOWER DIVE Main xXx: the fck this CC and HEALS Main xXx: how the fck heal u... Main xXx: ofc noob cant 1v1.. fcking trash Main xXx: can anyone tell how fiora can be 1/8? Main xXx: never FOCUS TANKS KIL:L DMG DEALERS Main xXx: sylas adc... Main xXx: cheater... fckiong CHEAGTER u had 1 HP i jkeep atk u and u wont fcking DIE Main xXx: dude u get banned for usiong cheats in ranked Main xXx: GOGOOGO Main xXx: WOW SO LEGIT CHEAT.... 0 dm,g from full combo... Main xXx: big minion waves Main xXx: its a good chance to PUSH Main xXx: nice 10x CC i cant even use single skill... Main xXx: alone??? u all run w3ay,,, xD Main xXx: evyone runs away.. lol Main xXx: WHY THE FCK ALL FFA Main xXx: idk why all spit and 2 ppl here other 2 here.. 1 ffa,,,, Main xXx: bined donty go he still go,., xd Main xXx: this cheater back... 1shiot ppl... Main xXx: enjoy your ban Main xXx: focus sillas~ Main xXx: KOS CHEAT Main xXx: how it feels giot carried be kid with noob cheat? Main xXx: BG Game 3 In-Game Main xXx: dont fed thx Main xXx: why the fc k ufeed trynda i dk.... Main xXx: report kkindred for feed trynda.. he got fcking 400 free gold for nothing..../ Main xXx: 1st nlood r%%%%%%%%%%n xXx: says r%%%%%%%%%%play broken chaMP Xd Main xXx: i just wonder how tinny yourt brain is? Main xXx: big brain tower dive xcD Main xXx: why feed tyrynda??? Main xXx: all mine team does is feed... fcking bronze Main xXx: why ppl keep tower diving Main xXx: the fck those heals.. like idsad noob champ pl;ayer..... poor kid no skill :/ Main xXx: see?? like 0 skill all u need to do is auto atk even money can do that Main xXx: see??? 0 skill Main xXx: idiots l;aught from himself Main xXx: why thje fck u even come if run like bich with random speed boost Main xXx: can u fck off noobs? Main xXx: like i only who who has kills and does dmg here Main xXx: trash champ player calls me noob xD Main xXx: kindred has 0 stacks btw xD Main xXx: play trynda with is noob champ as ... can u stfu? Main xXx: learn play with actual champs...? Main xXx: care jax dont get on nexusxz D IF ppl arent alowed to say anything in chat then what the poing of chat in this game? just get rid of it. So stupid shows only mine chat, nwm fact that they were trash talking. How can someone say gg when there is no "gg".. Havent seen other games with gives bans for using chat. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Just small add, i dont care about normal games. But in RANKED.. build shit items, afk.. should be banned. Not ppl who want actual good game game is created for 5v5 not for 1v5~. Idk how someone can not be mad if have to deal with idiots in ranked. RL RL RL UPSET about this.
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