Extremely toxic club names and tags

So I just played a game... the enemy team had two players with the club name of, "Suicide is the answer." and the tag of "KYS" Why is this allowed? They said it was their religion... but honestly there is no place for that on League... I know people who battle depression on a daily basis, they play league because it helps them get their mind off things and get them through the tough times. There is NO PLACE for someone to tell someone to kill themselves. I don't care if it is your religion. League has toxic players. I get that. You can mute them, but a club dedicated to telling others to end their own life is awful and I never want to see it again... I hope you will do something about this soon, Riot Games. (Edited) I reported it yes. On the spot. It's not offensive to most people because you have never lost a friend to suicide. Yes, people who are depressed needs REAL HELP, but that is not to say that names like this should be allowed or are not offensive. Telling people to "Lighten up." "Take a joke." and "Get over it." Doesn't help the situation of the fact that they themselves said, "Suicide is the best way to get out of being stoic." Stoic means: A person who can endure pain or hardship without showing their feelings or complaining. For people who suffer from depression, they would know it comes in MANY different ways. Sure, some can keep a light heart about it. Others can't. People who are defending the names and tags, you are encouraging the chance of someone, ANYONE, can take their life in seeing these. It isn't about having a winner, "I can't make jokes." "Well I don't wanna see this." The point is, it is serious to some to a point where A LIFE COULD BE LOST. Yes, IT IS THE INTERNET! But that does not mean you can just start saying things you KNOW could hurt someone. Riot Games has standard, rules and regulations. When a friend says "Kys" to me in chat, I can take it as a joke, because I know them, and I know they love me. When someone I have never met before says it, I don't laugh, because it is not funny. I should go without saying, to anyone. You should NEVER; even as a joke to people who do not know you; tell anyone to kill themselves.
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