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Game 1 FeministSion: ok FeministSion: this fiddle is going to keep spamming FeministSion: dang wtf FeministSion: so bs FeministSion: ty rito FeministSion: ty rito balance team FeministSion: her crits does more than me FeministSion: shes basically a stronger jhin FeministSion: i dont see you doing anything FeministSion: lol FeministSion: rip zil health FeministSion: rip FeministSion: ok FeministSion: thats why you instadied FeministSion: and darius you cant talk FeministSion: when you're playing the most broken champ FeministSion: darius you're so easy to play FeministSion: its funny when players like you talk trash FeministSion: garbage passive FeministSion: garbage ult FeministSion: yuck FeministSion: worst sup na FeministSion: rip zil again FeministSion: oh lol ult FeministSion: rip FeministSion: no your garbage FeministSion: no im still here FeministSion: not really FeministSion: my whole team flaming me FeministSion: blaming me for feeding the bot lane when i have no control over where fidd spams his birds FeministSion: or where mf gets this ridicolous crit damage without even aiming at me FeministSion: plants? FeministSion: that has a long cd FeministSion: how im i spamming it FeministSion: loosing bot? FeministSion: my team still flaming me FeministSion: funny darius ive ever seen FeministSion: thinks his SKT because he plays the most easiest champ in the game FeministSion: bc youll play darius FeministSion: every cheap shot like you FeministSion: does FeministSion: bc your trash FeministSion: says the fid just spamming E FeministSion: cant even dodge it either FeministSion: rip FeministSion: not doing anything FeministSion: they're flaming me FeministSion: didnt autolock FeministSion: i called it first FeministSion: riot can check the logs FeministSion: i didnt autolock nor did i flame my team FeministSion: all i said was that MF is broken FeministSion: and zil started flaming me FeministSion: nice death FeministSion: i misclicked FeministSion: oops FeministSion: i guess i must be trash FeministSion: damn FeministSion: walked right into that one FeministSion: oof FeministSion: dang luc FeministSion: lux do you have any CD on that ult FeministSion: oof FeministSion: oh i thought died FeministSion: that ult FeministSion: how long is it? FeministSion: lol FeministSion: kk FeministSion: im sure the skt dar can win the game for us FeministSion: why did i not expect lux FeministSion: question FeministSion: for an adc FeministSion: how do i raise my health without sacrificing damage FeministSion: dang everything one shots me then FeministSion: Dang FeministSion: lux FeministSion: chill Game 2 FeministSion: uggh FeministSion: fuckin yas FeministSion: ive noticed more sion players now FeministSion: did they buff him or somthing FeministSion: deez nuts FeministSion: dang that couldve been a double kill if riven wasnt csing FeministSion: gjk FeministSion: gj FeministSion: lol FeministSion: this poor yasou FeministSion: wasted his flash, ult, ignite FeministSion: and didnt get nothin FeministSion: why didnt you auto him lol FeministSion: thanks yeam FeministSion: team FeministSion: yeah you guys FeministSion: jging while our mid lane is under attack FeministSion: gg FeministSion: dumb team FeministSion: except ww FeministSion: and you're 2/6 as riven FeministSion: how FeministSion: riven is so easy FeministSion: keep loling FeministSion: you're easy asf to play FeministSion: what about it? FeministSion: lol FeministSion: kk FeministSion: 2/6 riven FeministSion: still 2/6 are we riv? FeministSion: lol FeministSion: dang our bot lane does no damage at all FeministSion: 2/6 riv keep talking FeministSion: 2/6 FeministSion: 2/6 FeministSion: lol FeministSion: i just realized FeministSion: this pleb named himself pewdiepie FeministSion: good representation of the pewdiepie fanbase FeministSion: gg FeministSion: ff FeministSion: say yes FeministSion: worthless riven and worthless kai FeministSion: lol it took riven so long to jump in FeministSion: gg FeministSion: and she keeps saying lolo as if its funny FeministSion: ? FeministSion: god you probably sound as retarded in real life FeministSion: LOl ekks dee FeministSion: deee FeministSion: nobody but me and ww went in lol FeministSion: gg FeministSion: as i said exact representation of pewdiepie fanbase FeministSion: brainless 3 year olds FeministSion: no but your cringe asf FeministSion: thats the only difference FeministSion: itss gg FeministSion: you fed them FeministSion: you fed them FeministSion: you fed them FeministSion: y FeministSion: as riven FeministSion: trash FeministSion: still garbage FeministSion: plays riven feeds FeministSion: you fed them FeministSion: your fault FeministSion: lol FeministSion: you fed them FeministSion: dumbass FeministSion: cant do anything with a feeding riv
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