How did i get perma banned

So the story is: I had a rough night and less than 2 days ago i just got unbanned from a 2 week suspension for saying the not commit living got banned permanently...for i sincerly don't know.... can someone help me understand why i got banned? ( My team was trolling, and flaming me for picking rengar top.) Here's the chat that i've been banned for: ( only 1 game avilable for me) Game 1 Pre-Game KyllSome: shit.. KyllSome: gonna need help on top In-Game KyllSome: go blue KyllSome: i cannot lose farm agaisnt darius KyllSome: i'll lose lane even with ganks KyllSome: idiot fucking junglers again.. KyllSome: THANKS KyllSome: FUCKING KyllSome: THANKS KyllSome: as i said KyllSome: . KyllSome: fucking KyllSome: idiots KyllSome: in the jungle KyllSome: gj KyllSome: gj KyllSome: why KyllSome: did KyllSome: you KyllSome: not KyllSome: listen???? KyllSome: please report my fucking xin KyllSome: no KyllSome: i cannot beat the fish KyllSome: i got 0 bushes KyllSome: all muted KyllSome: cya KyllSome: go away KyllSome: nice. keep pinging KyllSome: it's totally gonna make me do better KyllSome: but no cigar KyllSome: ss KyllSome: works KyllSome: that lowers his damagae KyllSome: you know? KyllSome: ryze do you think you can beat darius? KyllSome: i'll sit around mid farming and roaming bot KyllSome: just poke him KyllSome: im just simply done KyllSome: stop being so cocky KyllSome: you got lucky my jungler is a fucking idiot. KyllSome: don't act like you would've won top if xin would've had the braisn to play KyllSome: see? KyllSome: and escaped 2 fucking idiots KyllSome: both of them lucky we got 0 junglers KyllSome: leona KyllSome: u on my side? KyllSome: atleast you KyllSome: she heald up. KyllSome: who said im polish you racist %%%%? KyllSome: get fucked? KyllSome: 4 fucking kills with 0 fucking help KyllSome: you're 2/5 and you're just wining KyllSome: nami KyllSome: even tho they are idiots, and you might be too, tell me, aren't they fucking stupid (except ryze cus he nice) KyllSome: ryze KyllSome: you with me in this KyllSome: we might be able to save this KyllSome: if we're smart KyllSome: wp KyllSome: 'OPEN UO KyllSome: am KyllSome: good KyllSome: hunts are complete KyllSome: gj ryze KyllSome: We winniiin KyllSome: :)) KyllSome: jhin KyllSome: shut up KyllSome: you are so bad it hurst KyllSome: hurts KyllSome: ^-^ KyllSome: u nice 2 KyllSome: we played bad there KyllSome: I played bad KyllSome: but i fucked up KyllSome: FUCK KyllSome: i didn't know that nami had flash KyllSome: she can out heal my damage.. KyllSome: 2/7 what? KyllSome: cuz you the strongest healer in the game? KyllSome: cuz my jungler fucked me up but I recovered unlike you KyllSome: ? KyllSome: i don't know either KyllSome: ryze KyllSome: sorry mate KyllSome: ggs KyllSome: report botalne for flaming all game KyllSome: thanks KyllSome: i mean jhin KyllSome: ggs Post-Game KyllSome: ggs
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