League might have the most psychopathic community ever.

Just saw a post on Reddit asking Riot to start banning players that afk. I don't even understand why we have a ban system to begin with. The only thing that should exist is chat banning for trigger words, and whatever they do for names that contain trigger words. I cannot understand how you could want somebody banned because they do not want to play with you. A lot of comments were also about afkers in promos. League matches people off a hidden mmr system. The lp and ranked system is only there to satisfy your ego. And people demand bans because they don't reach their desired league. This problem never existed in SC2(which had ranked 3v3 and 4v4), which had leavers and major toxicity. Never an issue in Call of Duty, a major toxic game. People just play the game. The point of a game is to play it. If your not having fun, 2 easy options: either stop playing, or leave,try again, and hope for a better experience. Why would you demand someone to continue playing in this specific lobby for 20+ minutes exclusively to satisfy your ego? What is the worst thing that can happen from toxicity and leavers? Losing the game(ignoring having an account banned, or someone having mental health issues). And what is this worst thing that can happen from losing a game? You Queue up for the next game. "What if my mmr drops?" Does mmr dropping prevent you from queuing? The only hit you can take is to ego. And it is the ego's of this community that makes it so unreal.
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