Legitimate Taunting?

Here are some IN GAME taunts that champions say. These are surely the minimum level of taunting we are allowed to say. I seek the boundary of what is acceptable. "Lowly blasphemer! You are in the presence of a god!" "Are you even trying?" "Amateur hour." "Come back when you've collected all the bits of yourself!" "Only two jokers in a deck, and I got dealt you." "Smile, child, or I'll shove your jaw into your brain." "You are mediocrity. My genius will supplant you." Taunting in all-chat is an effective strategy. It can help you win games. Taunting is a blatant attempt to trigger the opponent to make impudent choices or fear you more than they should. It is a core function in the game that only a handful use, and fewer use effectively. Yet what taunts are legitimate? What are the boundaries? Clearly going past them can be even more effective for winning. It is not my intent to find what taunts are most effective, but rather, what taunting is legitimate and effective. _I think these are good examples._ "You do know Sion's passive, don't you? I mean, I'd assume in ranked, a player would know the champion they're playing, but you make me wonder." "For a Vel'Koz, you're not very good at zoning... Actually, you seem a shame to Vel'Koz players... You should try Yasuo, he's more your style. Brash." "I'm embarrassed to be matched against you. I thought I was better than this... This is ranked, isn't it?" "I've seen Support Nunu do a better job in JG than your JG... Sorry (insert lane opponent), better JG wins!" What about name-calling? "Are you guys a couple? Because I'm seeing an ADC with anemic girlfriend support." "You had to wiki his passive? What a pleeb." "SCRUB- you thought you could flash into a 1v1 against a fed Morde?" Well, I'm not sure where the boundaries are. I intend to take use taunts, responsibly, aggressively, and legitimately. Like Dunkmaster {{champion:122}} .

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