Wtf Riot?

So i can get trolled by this riven who steals my blue and constantly Kill steals me but i call her dumb because she keeping flamming me also in the chat but i get a ban and not her? Game 1 Pre-Game FeministSion: top FeministSion: who r u FeministSion: are you that pleb lux? In-Game FeministSion: hey im top FeministSion: you know what you're doing is counterproductive right riven/ FeministSion: let me bm in peace kindred FeministSion: lol FeministSion: i have a feeling im gonna get camped by a pleb kindred FeministSion: i hate you riven FeministSion: i wanted that blue FeministSion: but you had to be a dumbass FeministSion: he presses R and it hurts me FeministSion: i like our jg FeministSion: i like how you didnt cover top when i was destroying bot FeministSion: idiot stop spending 10 min in purchase menu FeministSion: cant you read? FeministSion: idiot start spelling right FeministSion: probably why you play riven tbh FeministSion: no skill required FeministSion: yet you're feeding FeministSion: thanks for feeding kindred idiot FeministSion: ff FeministSion: dumb riven FeministSion: ? FeministSion: yeah u FeministSion: r tard riven player FeministSion: i like how im doing more than you FeministSion: and im not even the jg FeministSion: you keep saying that as if that hurts me FeministSion: omg FeministSion: spell right please FeministSion: i cant understand r tard words FeministSion: ayong FeministSion: wtf FeministSion: is an ayong FeministSion: are you dumb? FeministSion: learn to type then stupid FeministSion: not till you learn to type FeministSion: XD FeministSion: I did more than riven did in that flash ult FeministSion: what a dumbass riven player FeministSion: ekks dee FeministSion: ekks dee im a madlord FeministSion: is that all you got XD FeministSion: hes been calling me madlord like thats like a sick burn FeministSion: its so cringe FeministSion: ff FeministSion: i wish riven wasnt such a dumbass FeministSion: "madlord" ekks dee FeministSion: heehehe sions such a madlord FeministSion: t FeministSion: see how cringey that sounds FeministSion: i wish this riven was self aware of how dumb she souns FeministSion: hehe FeministSion: madlord FeministSion: but i am though FeministSion: im really good but you're so dumb that you're dragging the team down FeministSion: hehe madlord FeministSion: heheh ekks dee FeministSion: madlord FeministSion: please mute me FeministSion: i dont speak stupid FeministSion: here comes riven to Ks all of us FeministSion: gg riven FeministSion: hehe look at riven being useless again FeministSion: this is what riven does FeministSion: when the enemies are all low health she jumps in to Ks all of us FeministSion: when there is a team fight shes just hanging behing us waiting to see who will win or lose FeministSion: so she can decide how she can ks us FeministSion: nice one riv FeministSion: farming krugs FeministSion: what a dumbass FeministSion: Report riven please FeministSion: shes trolling FeministSion: went to farm krugs instead of defending turret FeministSion: why do you dive in wu FeministSion: wtf ahri FeministSion: defend FeministSion: gg
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