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I am the Yasuo of the rift. I had gotten BANNED for games that I DIDN'T PLAY. Look at my OP.GG: I'm a non-serious player that plays ARAM with friends from time to time. Isn't it suspicious I get banned after using "3rd party software" when playing adc in ranked 4 times consecutively when I haven't even played a normals for months, let alone ranked??? My account was also duoing with this account which WAS NOT ON MY FRIENDS LIST UNTIL THE DAY I WAS BANNED. *Onion Knight* Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm It's interesting that riot seems to hand out permas like candy on halloween instead of investigating these issues. Anyone who spends the time to look at the situation would be aware something is up here. **THE ONLY FOUR RANKED GAMES "I" PLAYED THIS SEASON WERE THE ONES "I" GOT BANNED FOR.** I get punished for riot not being able to secure the accounts of their users OR EVEN BEING ABLE HANDLE THESE DISCREPANCIES WITH A SLIVER OF COMPETENCE/EFFORT. PS: I don't hate riot I'm just salty. I see other people having the same issue and its absurd that a perma ban comes out for a few games that are beyond suspicious in my case and for MANY OTHERS. Surely you can do better riot.
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