Was this worthy of punishment?

Game 1 In-Game Diabloman91: nope, two bot, one mid, and two top Diabloman91: stop pinging, won't change my choice Diabloman91: it's bots lulu.... Diabloman91: no Diabloman91: I will take however much CS I want Diabloman91: okya? Diabloman91: okay*? Diabloman91: not really Diabloman91: if you can't 2v1 in bots, you're just bad Diabloman91: I love how Riven got pissy cause I didn't want to give him EVERYTHING in lane, but when I let him die and take waht I work for, Diabloman91: go look at the chat, and see that you're the one who started this, I just finished it by letting you die Diabloman91: no, you asked for me to NOT last hit anything Diabloman91: never said "no screw off" lol Diabloman91: no one ever tried to make your game bad, you laughed because I refused to cater to you, so you got a little taste of that I don Diabloman91: don't need you, and I don't need this team, I will 1v5 if I have to Diabloman91: bye :D Diabloman91: leave now pumpkin Diabloman91: wow... only level 4 riven? Me thinks trolling? Diabloman91: leave both of you Diabloman91: I did say leave, not helping you three Diabloman91: ashe/lulu, failures.... Diabloman91: can everyone who isn't 0/6 and level 5 at 20 mins report Riven please, legit toxic Diabloman91: nah, your suffering feeds me :D Diabloman91: haven't done anything report worthy, but you do you boo boo Diabloman91: I'll end after I get enough gold for that :D Diabloman91: gj riven, you're FINALLY catching up :D Diabloman91: at least to them, not me, but GL :D Diabloman91: you're welcome kids :D Post-Game Diabloman91: Yeah, report me, the ONLY one with no deaths Diabloman91: Who's said NOTHING worthy of being reported Diabloman91: go for it :D Diabloman91: won't do any good, I'll keep adding you Kingg, you're really fun Diabloman91: Be my friend? I get that I was being pretty sarcastic here, but really? This results in chat restrictions? Nevermind the 0/8 Riven who told me not to take last hits when I had to go top after not calling anything in lobby, then getting mad when I took CS anyway, so he tries to 1v2 a Malph/Trundle bot at level 1, and because I wasn't willing to walk in and die, I'm the bad guy? This is kind of sad... People can't take the criticism they're dishing out, so they cry and daddy Riot comes and tries to shield them from all the scary words of the world? Mind you, THIS IS BOTS! I JUST started this account, that was the first game I played. More evidence to the fact that Riot will single your accounts out if you've had negative behavior in the past... I know there are going to be all kinds of people who do nothing but surf the boards looking to point the finger at negative people, but this wasn't negativity, this was mild sarcasm at best, anyone who claims otherwise is just looking to be offended like a child. Game is linked below... https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2790282225/1952766882736448?tab=overview
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