You cannot 'steal cs" as YOU DO NOT OWN MINIONS!

You can cry all you want about how someone is "stealing CS" but that is an imposibility as someone cannot steal something you DO NOT OWN in the first place. You cannot steal minions, You cannot steal kills. Neither of which have your name on them. You cannot report someone for "Stealing CS" or "Killstealing" as they do not belong to you. Riot has stated that Minions, both Neutral and enemy, DO NOT BELONG TO ANYONE. So there is no stated rule saying supports are NOT allowed to take cs. yeah yeah and I hear you saying "Supports dont take cs, supports give cs to the adc" FUCKING SHOW ME! Show me the exact rule that states a support player has to intentionally cripple themselves and make themselves weaker so that the adc can take ALL the cs, then turn around and go on about how "fucking useless" the support is, throwing the support under the bus as something to make themselves feel better. No, Supports ALLOW adc to take cs, It is NOT a rule, it is not a set in stone requirement. It is a consideration, a COURTESY. One I have NO INTEREST in extending to the latest generation of the community. The adcs who will spend the entire game going on and on about how "garbage" thier support is because they missed an ult, or how trash they are because they died once due to cc lock by the enemy team. Sorry but again, You cannot call for "Report for ks/stealing cs" as YOU DO NOT OWN MINIONS just like YOU DO NOT OWN KILLS. You want the courtesy of unhindered farm? Climb off your high horse pull your head out of your ass and stop acting like your support is little more than shit on the bottom of your shoe to be scraped off and sneered at at your earliest convenience. Again, You want farm? BUILD FKING DAMAGE AND TAKE IT FROM ME! otherwise dont blame me because you decide to throw a tantrum after support gets 1cs and you call the match quits "report my support for stealing cs" Cant steal what you DONT OWN to begin with.
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