Can a Rioter punish you without reports on your account?

Well I've got banned for discussing report system in my game, where I compared WoW to LoL, said "kys" and "cancer" (NOT to anyone in game, but just to prove a point), I've got banned, it was an automated ban, system clearly made a mistake, a Rioter from player behavior team lifts my 14 days ban, but TELLS me that he will apply 10 games chat restriction and strip my Honor 5 lvl cause I said some things in my recent games, 99% of it were out of context, but he still refused to lift it. When I asked if I was reported in these games, he didn't tell me and said I have to open separate ticket and request data for my account, which can take 30 days. Can he actually punish me even tho I wasn't reported in these games (I'm 100% sure I wasn't), but from his own judgement.
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