LOL i got auto banned for this?(ban appeal)

Game 1 zG Faded: ez zG Faded: lag zG Faded: ez' zG Faded: orianna mad that bad? zG Faded: or?? zG Faded: is that him zG Faded: O: zG Faded: gg kid zG Faded: ty its a 2012 name zG Faded: pubg * zG Faded: lOL zG Faded: nice cod meme zG Faded: wtf was that zG Faded: LOL zG Faded: lol zG Faded: who walled zG Faded: who walled zG Faded: ty zG Faded: my name brings fame zG Faded: ur name is eh zG Faded: no hate zG Faded: guessing ur not earl?? zG Faded: fid > zed zG Faded: always zG Faded: faze > optic zG Faded: TBH zG Faded: faze was trash comp zG Faded: ggez zG Faded: who even plays league zG Faded: rip zG Faded: f2p gaming ftw zG Faded: rite? zG Faded: nice flash zG Faded: so uh zG Faded: awks af zG Faded: lag zG Faded: i was lag ging zG Faded: lag af zG Faded: i'm 400 ping zG Faded: yall trying too hard zG Faded: buncha plat noobs zG Faded: shaco zG Faded: shhhhhhhh zG Faded: its a prank zG Faded: i never lagged zG Faded: lol zG Faded: yardy know zG Faded: smoke weed whenever i want zG Faded: i'm badass like that m8 zG Faded: yo zG Faded: hes hacking zG Faded: script af zG Faded: report karthus zG Faded: shits fucking script bro zG Faded: trash zG Faded: trash player for a trash game zG Faded: smh zG Faded: lag af zG Faded: if i wasn't lagging zG Faded: ur ass = dead zG Faded: she was lagging zG Faded: i'm on skype with all of these %%%%%s zG Faded: buncha fuck boys zG Faded: report this whole team zG Faded: %%%gots zG Faded: they legit all muted me zG Faded: toxic af zG Faded: on league * zG Faded: hes a %%%got zG Faded: talk shit more pussy zG Faded: i'll fuck u up on cod %%%got so this is awks af. so from start to finish it was banter lol. 1. "name" mad that bad or bad that mad is a basic insult for me; it's completely empty. (bad that mad is an inside joke but u get it. "you're so mad that you do bad.") 2. i never even lagged it was a joke. rip in piece? 3. faze actually was trash outside of the qs community on cod mw2. (aside from a few lucky breaks on a couple competitive matches) 4. alot of people play league. 300k on an off day. just another empty insult. (only counting NA i can careless about any other server.) 5. i didn't lag i was just shit talking. (banter? is what people call it i guess) 6. i doubt the people i was playing with were actually plat or higher. 7. i'm actually sober off weed lol? 8. there was never a karthus. 9. karthus was a trash scripter. 10. games not actually trash its just another empty insult. 11. i never even report people for being afk or being toxic as i just aram. this is basically a ban appeal. can i notify the people that were in this game? want them to read this lOL. ok so since yall decided to read all that imma give u a run down of what i do to deserve this. I been reported plenty times with proof. I never got banned bcos of how I actually insult a person and the way i go about it. Never have i ever been banned for such basic chat.**this isn't even the close to the worst of it i'm surprised i got banned and had to write this [i've said way worse to way nicer people and gotten reported for it]** (i've been warned for afk which is what i did prior to this but ok i accept that lol.) I realise i'm boderline toxic. but top streamers call it "banter" which is what I did even before i knew what it was called (just adding a lil spice to some asian fried rice mate). it's just to spice up the game a bit. yall over there who read through game chats to see if a person actually is toxic should go thru my chats from any and every game u want and you will realise i'm exactly what i say i am. p.s. i'm sorry p.s.s. yes but no hate speech. the hate speech used now was just me saying it too much irl so i instinctively used it in game.
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