i got report boted for saying idc after they sh1ttalked me :)

hey i got banned for being report boted for saying idc after being sh1ttalked may i get my account back? bicause your system does this it doesn't mean that i get banned got a 14 suspension after buying riot point a month ago and played 4 games and in one of them i got sh1talked and then after one game i got suspended why is this even happening in this game was it worth even wasting money on it? dude this game died out after this i'll be sure to not play this trash or play hots insted or dota the games that are way better than this thanks for ruining gaming for me thanks league of legends :) don't waste time and money on this game kids it doesn't worth making yourself sufer after you get bullied and you say idc and geting suspended just play something better not this trash happy to quit -wix {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} why did i waste 3 years on this game.. fcking dota copy
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