Riots banning system makes zero logical sense

So I've sadly been playing League of heroin for five years and I've finally been perma banned for the second time (second time wtf). For flaming other people who flame or for offending people that need to get over words on a screen (cyber bullying does not exist). However looking into it alot more than I should I realized that having a system that makes players more inclined to report and flame eachother for reporting and flaming eachother is toxic in general and that if you find someone else toxic or if you're legitimately getting offended somehow you're more than likely scapegoating and are toxic yourself. Players that are legitimately not toxic don't harrass other players for their behavior as you agree with however in that case where they don't judge they also dont report other players for their behavior because they have no reason to (Its only destructive). The banning system actually does not assist the truly neutral player It just puts toxic players against eachother furthering the idea of a toxic community. A toxic player wants other players to get mad so they can report them and get them banned for it making the banning system a weapon for the toxic player. Banning a player doesnt even stop the player from playing league it just takes away their name, level, skins and champions (I WONDER WHY). Which only furthers the use of buying used accounts and therefor bot accounts which only get banned to create more. A better solution to your "problem" would be to take players away from chat or even to take away ranked to enforce "breaks" on a player like the ones the person on the ticket form suggested I have. In my personal experience I entered a ranked game on a stressed out day died once, got flamed for it died again got called an inter and was told I'd be reported and then when I say something back to VERBALLY DEFEND MYSELF (Whats that?) I got called toxic and was told I had a mental problem. I didnt report anyone but I was most certainly reported and permabanned with my 2,500 hour account that I also spent $350 on. My fault yes but also Riots for convincing players to hate other players more by making up a fallacy about a toxic community that inclines players to blame eachother and inforcing rules on the grounds of said fallacy. Keeping shit real shouldn't get you banned. and once again you only witness toxicity to the degree that you are being toxic yourself, banning players for being toxic only makes them come back more toxic because they basically had theyre money and time and lives stolen from them. My theory is that Riots goal is to convince a permabanned player that the ban was justified and that the player was wrong so that said player will spend more money on another account. Becoming a less "toxic" player isnt about getting banned and coming back thinking you were wrong its about just playing the game and witnessing the positivity of the community around you not judge you for being mad at a videogame when its natural. Ive never been permabanned and said wow I should learn my lesson however I have been toxic in a game and treated with positivity in response and said wow I'm being a fucking asshole. I hope you unban every permabanned account. Also you guys really ban T1 call him the most toxic player and then cast him saying he's changed? LMAO hes the same person. gg.
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