I feel like player behavior has been neglected

I'm gonna try and keep myself as civil as possible and I'd like to ask commenters and the (very common) downvote bombers to do the same I just got chat restricted (woohoo) for toxicity. It was a good thing, I totally deserved it. However it made me realize how easy it is for you to get away with doing action based damage to the game. You can do soft inting, you can AFK while moving around once a minute (or with rangers, you can just have it auto the gromp and it'll periodically reset), you can do a lot **AS LONG AS YOU HAVE CHAT OFF** The last publicly announced update (on the punishment side so excluding honor 2) was 4 years ago when the new IFS system launched. Since then we have replays (so we could have the community review these cases and judge inting), Riot probably got a lot better in using machine learning so they could probably train a model to figure these out as well.. I just want to try and get someone at Riot to realize that the approach they are taking (to honor positivity rather than discourage negativity) is a bad direction and I genuinely don't feel good playing ranked cause every time I get an inter or a mini faker that thinks he's the best and goes AFK after dying once, I know I'm completely powerless. I won't be able to do anything cause the report system won't get it for sure, I totally feel like player support isn't doing anything with those tickets either so the only thing you can do is break the summoner's code yourself and just go AFK too (no, I don't believe in 4v5 comebacks.. it happened to me twice since Riot made it impossible back in season 6) I'd really love to see this post reach someone at Riot and try and get them to push towards a feature CS:GO has been using for a while to clean up cheaters (with great success rates I may add.. most blatant cheaters are gone after 1-2 games while less blatant ones are gone within 1-2 days) or at least improve on their non-existent reporting system. I'm going to be disabling chat from now on (why is that a thing when the game is clean of toxic ppl?) with the hopes of seeing this system come to life in early 2030 ;)
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