imagine geting perm banned for this convo

Game 4248579409: xXxD3m0nKillerGO: oh o-ok xXxD3m0nKillerGO: im shy >< xXxD3m0nKillerGO: help me with blue i guess [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: why did u take my red man xXxD3m0nKillerGO: when i get 6 im gonna camp bot i guess xXxD3m0nKillerGO: dude you where last pick and you lose xXxD3m0nKillerGO: i invest into the future wich is bot xXxD3m0nKillerGO: good luck xXxD3m0nKillerGO: dragon gone xXxD3m0nKillerGO: fuck you gankplank [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: dude imagine losing as gp to nasus as last pick xXxD3m0nKillerGO: i cant help him [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: he truly is [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: then learn to play your lane you clown xXxD3m0nKillerGO: bot wins solo xD xXxD3m0nKillerGO: no point [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: bg [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: 1v2 top [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: report top toxic and griefing [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: 6v4 btw [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: the nasus counts for 2 [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: are you flirting with me ezreal? :3 [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: he was unchanged since forever xXxD3m0nKillerGO: lag xXxD3m0nKillerGO: :^D xXxD3m0nKillerGO: say thanks to the clown on top taking klepto xXxD3m0nKillerGO: i cant help a 0 [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: why me dude [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: forced 50% winrate btw i won too many in a row [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: open Post Game Lobby: xXxD3m0nKillerGO: yikes boosted gp to gold now griefing xXxD3m0nKillerGO: yes you are boosted xXxD3m0nKillerGO: like i said xXxD3m0nKillerGO: gg me only btw Game 4248621506: Pre Game Lobby: In Game: [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: go away naut xXxD3m0nKillerGO: same [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: better bot wins [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: before 5minutes even, forced 50% winrate [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: she wanted to take ashe even [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: inting xXxD3m0nKillerGO: pffrt [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: stop treating us like coop xXxD3m0nKillerGO: what do you expect me to do 1v3 xXxD3m0nKillerGO: dont talk to me [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: will i get better bot rng if i buy a skin [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: script [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: reported [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: and you are done my dude [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: thanks [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: do you think lee will come back before nasus grows [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: you lost bot and you are griefing, stop saying my name [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: ? xXxD3m0nKillerGO: k [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: poggers in chat winnable [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: oh no no lee came back xXxD3m0nKillerGO: grow up [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: inting? xXxD3m0nKillerGO: quality xXxD3m0nKillerGO: will you buy the spirit visage eventualy nasus [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: did your script lag xXxD3m0nKillerGO: i would rather lose in 15minutes then still b eplaying this with that clown bot [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: 1200 games in silver janna btw [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: maybe youll steal my junglewith your tornado next game xXxD3m0nKillerGO: nobody cares you have no impact you 0 xXxD3m0nKillerGO: and the jnix XDDD [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: bg [All]xXxD3m0nKillerGO: report janna Post Game Lobby: xXxD3m0nKillerGO: better jungler wins i guess
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