Idea for current IFS related to trolls

As many of the regulars know it's not an uncommon occurrence for someone to head here because they got into trouble for yelling at what they perceived to be a troll in their game. While it would be nice to judge these cases differently in a perfect world, trusting everyone who is getting aggravated at a "troll" is not a realistic solution since their idea of trolling might be skewed and they were just yelling at someone doing poorly unintentionally. But there should still be a way to take the edge off such cases where the troll is officially detected and punished for trolling in that game. **I purpose that someone who is punished for trolling should have their individual reports invalidated in the games they were found to be trolling.** If they are trolling their idea of acceptable behavior is insincere and thus Riot shouldn't trust their report in that game. This absolve those cases where the only report made against the annoyed player was from the troll attempting to illicit the response. What my suggestion will *not* do is: - Invalidate reports from anyone else. If a third person finds the behavior unacceptable the report they make will still count. - Invalidate any reports from people who are not punished for being a troll. Does this mean that there will be cases where a unpunished troll still gets their report counted? Yes, but as the detection of trolls gets better the better this situation becomes and it's still better than the current situation. Comments on this suggestion? Thoughts on potential issues? I know some of the biggest issues with such a suggestion is going to be the programming itself and dealing with cases where it's a manual review several days after the fact that detects the troll. But nothing some diligent programming couldn't solve.
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