Something Terrible Happend to me, But Im the one who got Suspended.

So yesterday I was having fun just spamming normal games, sometimes trying to get akali since the rework. I finally got mid, and locked her in. Everything's going fine right? Then one of my team mates starts getting really mad at me for picking her, saying he wanted it, and called me a looser among other things. He told me to "kys" and auto locked, get this, Yasuo "Support". We got into game and he took mid anyways, and I wanted to tell the enemy team why there was a random seeming akali in the game now. So i said "Yasuo told me to kys and went mid anyways" Later in the game the enemy Shaco told the Yasuo he should have given mid to me, and i said "He also shouldn't have told me to kys" That game ended, seemingly just a strange game with a mean person, so I reported him. Right after the next game I played, I've been suspended from my account for 14 days. He must have reported me too...for "Abusive Comms" This was the In game ticket with the reason i was suspended: (also the attachment) 14 DAY SUSPENSION Game 1 Pre-Game Queen Crimson : mid Queen Crimson : akali mid silly Queen Crimson : I called mid Queen Crimson : You didnt get it, and i got akali Queen Crimson : Your sup Urf :3 In-Game Queen Crimson : Yasuo said Kys and is now taking mid XD Queen Crimson : lol Queen Crimson : Your so negitive geez Queen Crimson : and he souldnt have said Kys Queen Crimson : hec wanted to E the turret XD I didn't flame, was told to kill myself, and got suspended for the duration of the entire pool party event. If RIOT see's this at all, do you think they will un-suspend me and give me my honor 5 back? My intention never was to flame or be cruel, but i certiantly didn't deserve an entire suspension.
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