getting this account back unbann-perma

herro :) everyone im a recently reform player and would like to get my permabann account back because people do deserve a second chance :) or maybe give me a chat restrict ban that can always work some games i play where i do really really bad i go 0/5/0 or something like that and im top lane or support why am i getting these reports for me trying to play and win gets me reported? there's always someone better than you you get outplayed too and some games where i was toxic and mean :( but now im reformed iv been playing positive mindset even if i lose im still having fun :) and i used alot of my rl monnies for this account i can change i can reform :( so please help get this account not banned :( i just want to play for fun and not be toxic anymore but people shouldn't report me for being a bad player if im 0/8/1 everyone have good and bad days and if i still try to win i still get reported for feeding but i wasnt intent on feeding :( what can i do? the other player had great plays and did very well was fed and picking shaco support does work sometimes you can still get sightstone but now you get other items that give you vision :( also why do i get reported for disconnect if i have bad weather where i live or sometimes when my pc crash? those should not give me a ban or it should detect if i disconnected (not on purpose) cause i had those types of games where i was lagging for no reason and i get a crash or a bug crash sometimes :( if anyone of you can help get my account back T.T that would be great im a friendly nice person i hate being mean it hurts me D: and im sorry T-T !
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