Chat restrictions, are they fair?

So I was playing draft, my role was jungle. I wanted to play graves but i never got to. So i play lee sin first time. I make sure it is known it is my first time playing in pregame. Everyone accepts it. I do pretty bad in the game, and i get flamed for doing so. By 2 people really. They then say to everyone to report me. I get reported and have chat restrict now. Why am i getting punished for playing the game? here are the chat logs Game 1 In-Game BarònNashor: does lee go blue first? BarònNashor: red BarònNashor: whom know BarònNashor: no use BarònNashor: fuck me BarònNashor: stole my farm BarònNashor: i like how rengar is a champ BarònNashor: how come BarònNashor: cuz i wont gank you? BarònNashor: he stole my farm? BarònNashor: uwu BarònNashor: 1hp BarònNashor: i said 1st time? BarònNashor: oh ok BarònNashor: muted BarònNashor: report anivia toxicity BarònNashor: report anivia for toxicity BarònNashor: i hit cait BarònNashor: but he ccd me so icant tele BarònNashor: feelsbad BarònNashor: help me drag BarònNashor: 10hp BarònNashor: my turn to stea; BarònNashor: yeah nvm BarònNashor: bad game\ BarònNashor: anivia is trolling now BarònNashor: stealing my farm BarònNashor: trolling anivia BarònNashor: everyone here is toxic against me for playing lee first time lol BarònNashor: i did to BarònNashor: nice flash BarònNashor: meanwhile anivia is farming BarònNashor: lol BarònNashor: means nothing BarònNashor: l2play BarònNashor: im teamfighting BarònNashor: whilst you farm BarònNashor: good to know BarònNashor: just surrender BarònNashor: team is trolling BarònNashor: they wont team fight BarònNashor: poppy did 0 teleport BarònNashor: anivia doesnt roam BarònNashor: bot is doing fine BarònNashor: they havent lost tower BarònNashor: ty poppt BarònNashor: you actually team fought BarònNashor: funny BarònNashor: considering its your first time teamfighting this game BarònNashor: i just saw? BarònNashor: ye BarònNashor: i cant farm cuz rengar BarònNashor: expect me to be good 1st time as well BarònNashor: l2play BarònNashor: anivia are you na? BarònNashor: nah BarònNashor: poppy= good BarònNashor: i am BarònNashor: yes BarònNashor: poppy=bad BarònNashor: cuz i have no farm? BarònNashor: cuz you wont let me farm? BarònNashor: you want ganks 24/7 BarònNashor: and when i do you get mad BarònNashor: l2play BarònNashor: thats not a fact BarònNashor: man BarònNashor: can you guys actually report these bozos BarònNashor: blaming me for their demise BarònNashor: we can see poppy, were are not blind BarònNashor: lol dont fuckingg xd BarònNashor: lol BarònNashor: sad BarònNashor: sorry i dont play lee alot BarònNashor: im too busy with school etc BarònNashor: anivia wont vote yes BarònNashor: GG Post-Game BarònNashor: fun game BarònNashor: gg guys BarònNashor: i dont like how poppy and anivia made fun of me though BarònNashor: so if you dont mind reporting them BarònNashor: cya guys BarònNashor: have fun BarònNashor: and sorry if i didnt make the game fun for you guys BarònNashor: i tried my best Game 2 Pre-Game BarònNashor: hope we have a good game guys BarònNashor: alright BarònNashor: you crossed the line BarònNashor: dont say bud BarònNashor: lol BarònNashor: ez carry BarònNashor: i couldnt carry you guys BarònNashor: i gave up after you guys inted on me jungler BarònNashor: 4/0 khazix BarònNashor: 10 mins BarònNashor: nty BarònNashor: ? BarònNashor: 2/2 wheen he was fed BarònNashor: dodge? BarònNashor: cuz lucians bad BarònNashor: guess il feed BarònNashor: i dont want BarònNashor: ill just feed BarònNashor: you lost already BarònNashor: reeeeeeee BarònNashor: one sec In-Game BarònNashor: lol BarònNashor: feed my jungler BarònNashor: i main ahri BarònNashor: k BarònNashor: wow BarònNashor: my blue now BarònNashor: honestly BarònNashor: i just wanna play graves BarònNashor: dude BarònNashor: why kill BarònNashor: i cant tank turrets BarònNashor: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee BarònNashor: yeah true BarònNashor: thought of it already BarònNashor: hes trash BarònNashor: remember BarònNashor: jax BarònNashor: why did you kill me BarònNashor: mega bait BarònNashor: oh yeah BarònNashor: im not even trying at this point BarònNashor: first 2 minutes BarònNashor: i was farming then yas left BarònNashor: ks BarònNashor: int BarònNashor: reeeeee BarònNashor: should aulted BarònNashor: hackers BarònNashor: i only did it on purpose BarònNashor: with was also on purpose BarònNashor: i ran it down to mid* BarònNashor: not top BarònNashor: alright BarònNashor: muted BarònNashor: you said bud BarònNashor: ks BarònNashor: i like the play literally any jungle except shaco BarònNashor: other acc got banned for saying the nword BarònNashor: 14 days BarònNashor: i used to play jax BarònNashor: I WAS IN APLHA BarònNashor: reeeeeee BarònNashor: YOU SHOULD HAVE E BarònNashor: ik ahri i play her BarònNashor: everyone fights without me too BarònNashor: k BarònNashor: reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee BarònNashor: nice BarònNashor: UNLIMTED POWER BarònNashor: get it BarònNashor: then carry BarònNashor: owo BarònNashor: 0 damage BarònNashor: BIG BOY BarònNashor: think we can ban the yasuo BarònNashor: one trick BarònNashor: oof BarònNashor: good thing i dont actually play jungle lol BarònNashor: i would be embarrased BarònNashor: or whatever BarònNashor: ikr BarònNashor: wtf BarònNashor: trolling BarònNashor: this is how i got banned BarònNashor: team wouldnt ff BarònNashor: so i flamed BarònNashor: and said nwordp ost Post-Game BarònNashor: very fun game BarònNashor: i appreciate the sportsman like conduct BarònNashor: have a good day Game 3 Pre-Game BarònNashor: happens BarònNashor: it did to me 3 times in a rows last night BarònNashor: luckily i switched In-Game BarònNashor: omw BarònNashor: lol BarònNashor: ez BarònNashor: mundo is actually funny BarònNashor: ahem BarònNashor: 10 seconds BarònNashor: i was filing out a resume BarònNashor: then i heard the summ noise BarònNashor: smh BarònNashor: too bad our lee didnt get lee BarònNashor: or udyr BarònNashor: ill try BarònNashor: tryna be cautious BarònNashor: not doing so hot BarònNashor: we are getting c a m p e d BarònNashor: umm BarònNashor: no BarònNashor: he wants me to fight on 6% mana.... BarònNashor: .... BarònNashor: not fighting unwinnable fights BarònNashor: yeah BarònNashor: im done not taking lead BarònNashor: im just gonna do my own thing BarònNashor: sorry i inted BarònNashor: we were camped all game BarònNashor: got 0 ganks BarònNashor: and you blame us BarònNashor: just end the game BarònNashor: im inting now, on purpose considering you behavior BarònNashor: my eyes hurt seeing you type so badly BarònNashor: report mundo and udyr for toxicity BarònNashor: finally Post-Game BarònNashor: adc got camped, must be bad BarònNashor: once after we died BarònNashor: and once when there were 4 people BarònNashor: and i had 6 mana BarònNashor: gg BarònNashor: trash team\
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