a CLEARLY error chat ban

hey all .... guys i got 10 games in-game chat sus, and i didnt say anything offensive or any single bad word !!!!! i dont know if u called some1 who is 0/7 before minute 5 ( please dont fight nasus he is ahead ) but he fed him more and more and i called his troller, i dont know if that so negative and deserve such a harash punishment !!! to be honest i dont care about the chat even if they ban it for ever, but why i lose the honor lvl for nothing !!! and btw i got a key fragment a day before cuz of tilt proof !!!!!!!!! this is the chat : Pre Game Lobby: op adc: hey op adc: serko what supp u will play ? op adc: dodge plz In Game: op adc: zac please camp bot op adc: hard camp and i will carry i promise [All]op adc: open bot op adc: pick champ u dont know what to do with op adc: in ranked op adc: then complaining !!!!! YOU DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO DO SO [All]op adc: camp more noobs op adc: zac 3 ganks mid op adc: u wanna help or what ???????? op adc: yea cuz of ppl like u op adc: i cant understand wjy u pick champ u cant play in ranked op adc: u trying so hard to stay silver ?? op adc: zed why u didnt win bot with this troller ??? op adc: and j4 camped me mid op adc: u saw that but u wont tell the truth op adc: same with cait with no support !!!! op adc: u are the one who crying not me op adc: are u 10 ?? op adc: u see !!!! u start crying again !! op adc: cry more !! op adc: feeling better now supp ?? op adc: u ruined the whole game op adc: zed stop crying kid op adc: im talking to him why u cry !!! op adc: renekton op adc: yummi dont know what to do with his champ op adc: its all his mistake op adc: why u judging the results of his mistakes !!! and not the mistake itself op adc: if we all report him he wont be trolling in other games with us or with others op adc: how i can play vs 3 bot !!!! teach me plz op adc: pick yummi to do nothing and ruining the whole game !!!! and we all fighting and blaming each others cuz of u !!!! op adc: i hope this make u feel better op adc: i told u to stop crying zed Game 4029739986: Pre Game Lobby: op adc: what supp u will play bro ? op adc: what a nice team we have lol In Game: op adc: no dive plz op adc: shshshshshhshshsh plz op adc: u 2 op adc: guys plz more safe op adc: dont fight top op adc: just do not fight nasus op adc: he is ahead and u wont kill him now op adc: guys u want to lose or what !!!!! [All]op adc: leo wanna due next ??? [All]op adc: im looking for supp main op adc: yea shes troll pick op adc: but i cant do anything about it op adc: yea we losing now >>> is that funny ?? op adc: vote yes plz op adc: 400 stacks op adc: and u troll [All]op adc: guys would u stop chasing kills and go finish !!!!!!! [All]op adc: dude is this ur first win ever ?? [All]op adc: cuz i see u are so happy !!!! that u cant believe it [All]op adc: annie kayn lux neeko !!!! 4 trollers in my team XD [All]op adc: lol leo >>> stay in silver with ur 1m point broooo [All]op adc: im not >>> but why so happy cuz u winning vs feeders ! [All]op adc: lol [All]op adc: yes
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