Its frustrating how griefing isn't punished.

1st game, im going urgot vs vlad. Im being hard shoved under turret. Well, fine. Vlad has no wards, and we have a jarven... and Im urgot. Free kills. I ask for ganks, but no ganks. Well thats whatever. Sucks but eh. Then I realize that the reason jarven isnt coming top is because hes busy towerdiving the anivia (with passive still up. Even the anivia was confused), with our lissandra telling him to stop. Im pissed because jarven isnt even being productive with drags or getting others ahead, but putting everyone behind. I tell him to stop and apply proper pressure, to which he (or should I say she. I guess gril gamers get the free pass from toxicity for some reason) then laughed at the smallest things (ex: "lol urgot botlane" "Why arent u at baron? (in a 2v4 situation, with 3 of our teammates dead)"). Game 2, essentially the same thing. Ekko is running into 3 of them, and being agro when we're all behind. I tell him to stop, he doesnt and snaps back. I get chat restricted after this game. It should be noted I was honor 3 before all this, with a relatively positive record on my team. These 2 games were the only ones where I mildly snapped at my junglers, and thats because they were griefing. Game 3. We have an ally talon who gets tilted for some unknown reason, and splitpushes the entire game. Now splitpushing is a viable strat: it helps you catch up in exp, applies map pressure, etc. But you can't consistantly do it. Its situational. Talon would splitpush in the most inconvinient way: by doing the opposite of whatever the team asked. We tell him to stop pushing because theyre at an inhib turret and we need reenforcement, he would farm a wave bot. We tell him to keep pushing and take a turret, because the entire enemy is topside with No tp, and we have a massive wave pushing with talon botside. He backs on the spot. All 3 games happened in ranked btw. I did my punishment because I really dont believe that riot would ever do any justice to me, because "Grr u punished u toxic u wrong", and played my 9 chat restricted games. But perhaps the biggest slap in the face is my honor dropped from honor 3, to honor 1 (while being locked). Lets say, hypothetically, theres a button. If I push this button, riot's punishing team/AI is actually functional, and it works fairly/justly. However, spear of shojin is kept in the game. I would smash that button in multiple times, throw in 4 more variants of spear of shojin. If riot wants to fix the game, first fix the toxic playerbase that goes unpunished, THEN fix the actual game. I just had a game where I went morde vs Ornn, with ornn going 0/11. We lost because my team fed the entire enemy team. Ornn then says "better top wins" and such, classic tilting strat, in the postgame defeat screen. I ask him why hes being a jerk, to which he just laughs and replies "lol ur bad", and leaves (with the enemy team saying ornn did nothing). I just needed to get this frustration off my chest. I would genuinely show you guys the 1 game chatlogs if I still had them. I hate this broken justice system.
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