Perma ban

So my account just got permabanned, both games the reports recieved were by people who afk'd the game. How is this system even remotely fair, the report system in this game is just abused by griefers and trollers constantly. The fact I can get a permaban due to reports by people who were reported by 3 people in one game and 4 in another is just a joke. Game 1 In-Game gordza: nope gordza: ignite isnt the end of the world gordza: did u flash? gordza: cool gordza: go top panth gordza: i can solo gordza: btw guys, im currently rank #18 amumu worldwide gordza: play good gordza: i want #17 gordza: top 0.6% of amumu players on EUW gordza: atm gordza: so ;p gordza: ayte gordza: ty anivia gordza: y its bs gordza: nah u did good gordza: ok gordza: kept asking gordza: for help gordza: i mean u go behind cos ali keep leaving u 1v2 tho gordza: rofl gordza: no its not gordza: WHERE gordza: IS OUR TEAM gordza: JINX gordza: rofl gordza: jesus man gordza: what the hell gordza: drake is up gordza: and u go for cs gordza: look gordza: ALL 4 OF THREM gordza: go for drake gordza: seriouslyu gordza: play better gordza: yes it was gordza: we were outnumbered gordza: whats going on gordza: anivia gordza: what are you doing gordza: gg anivia gordza: what are yo doing gordza: LOOK BASE gordza: baron gordza: so ur going to purposfully gordza: play to lose gordza: anivia gordza: no one cares if u carry gordza: itsoif OUR TEAM win gordza: BARONN gordza: omg gordza: whata re you doing gordza: KONX gordza: JINX gordza: STOP gordza: IGNORING gordza: STOP gordza: FARMING gordza: KHA IS DEAD gordza: STOP gordza: CSING gordza: jesus gordza: just troll gordza: anivia gordza: you aree actually reported gordza: for purpoisefully losing game gordza: nah anivia gordza: is just trolling gordza: anivia is inting the gaME gordza: if u didnt notice gordza: anivia gordza: i have 66% winrate over 80 games on amumu gordza: you are currently the 33% gordza: we cant gordza: we had free baron gordza: panth gordza: YOU CS gordza: JINX CS gordza: by ignoring team gordza: ignoring ccalls gordza: you are inting gordza: and being toxic gordza: anivia u dont have to talk to be t oxic gordza: anivia u literally ran away from a teamfight to cs, ignored our nexus being attacked gordza: and said "im winning my way" gordza: while compolainig u dont have items because o me and ali gordza: that is toxic gordza: WHEN DID I FARM YOUR LANE gordza: i didnt gordza: we were winning the fking game gordza: and u started inting gordza: and crying gordza: he just toxic tho man gordza: we were winning gordza: bcos gordza: she wants to grief us gordza: just report gordza: no gordza: you are being toxic gordza: and ignoring us gordza: on purpose gordza: because he is toxic gordza: ok so gordza: so anivia gordza: u were behind because of that gordza: so why lose the game gordza: on purpose gordza: ok anivia gordza: OK gordza: so you were behind gordza: SO WHY LOSE ON PURPOSE gordza: OK ANIVCIA gordza: YOU ARE NOT EXPLAINING gordza: WHY YOU ARE LOSING gordza: ON PURPOSE gordza: report plz gordza: she is just farming jungl all gamwe gordza: im so fucking angry gordza: where do you think she is gordza: she is at raptors now gordza: you are at raptors anivia gordza: right now gordza: you are doing raptors gordza: toxic gordza: enjoy your free win gordza: yes i am gordza: so imagine how bad you are gordza: this was easy win gordza: and u int the game gordza: you should get perma gordza: for how you behave gordza: you should get a perma anivia gordza: you dont deserve to ruin peoples games on purpose gordza: its because of people like you league even has a report system gordza: no one ruined your lane gordza: bg gordza: shut up Post-Game gordza: Anivia gordza: you deserve a permaban gordza: no gordza: why does it matter about cs gordza: SO WHAT gordza: SO WHAT ABOUT CS gordza: WHO CARES gordza: YOU INT A GAME gordza: BECAUSE YOU HAVE 10 LESS CS gordza: THAN A GAME BEFORE gordza: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU gordza: dude gordza: we got kills gordza: alot of kills gordza: dude gordza: we went ahead of them gordza: in midlane gordza: we were winning gordza: the game gordza: because we got kills gordza: in midlane gordza: we were winning gordza: we didnt farm your cs gordza: dude gordza: you inted gordza: a game gordza: you deserve gordza: a permaban gordza: people like you should not be allowed to play league gordza: its because of people like you a report system even exists gordza: you are toxic gordza: you were ahead in cs gordza: when u started crying gordza: and he got ganks gordza: i got ganks gordza: you were winning gordza: and? gordza: and we were winning the game gordza: dude gordza: its not about you gordza: turrets gordza: cs gordza: kills gordza: are you stupid? gordza: we were ahead across the map gordza: and we got mid and 2nd mid to 50% hp gordza: and we were ahead in drakes gordza: no gordza: you lost this game alone gordza: even without you gordza: we were getting there team to 10% hp in teamfights gordza: 4v5 gordza: yes gordza: ahad in drakes gordza: we had 2 gordza: we had 2 drakes gordza: b4 u started trolling gordza: 2-0 gordza: so lets see gordza: more cs gordza: more kills gordza: more turrets gordza: and more drakes gordza: and you fucking troll gordza: yes gordza: you trollled gordza: no you didnt gordza: you farmed raptors gordza: while they were at our base gordza: for the 2nd time gordza: you trolled gordza: why gordza: did you start doing raptors gordza: when they were at our base gordza: you finished groggs gordza: me and ali engaged gordza: you then went to raptors gordza: ok well gordza: good job gordza: you got your cs back gordza: and -20 lp gordza: you clearly are a genius gordza: so Game 2 Pre-Game gordza: face gordza: we shud duo after gordza: my main account is gold 2 gordza: but on 14 day gordza: ahhh gordza: alright gordza: hi naph gordza: were u in last game gordza: ? gordza: gdgd gordza: alright guys gordza: rammus if he is good is going to bring way more early pressure than me gordza: but w/e happens hang on for late game gordza: and i can make him useless In-Game gordza: facebreaker gordza: POE? gordza: yy gordza: the gloves gordza: no ff gordza: what was the emote for gordza: ? gordza: it was for no problem? gordza: lol gordza: no turrets down sivir relax gordza: why gordza: relax gordza: no we didnt gordza: lol gordza: i love this elo gordza: looks liek its a 4v5 gordza: yeah gordza: wrong button ;p gordza: relax man gordza: jesus gordza: this elo gordza: is nuts gordza: just play gordza: i win 3/4 of my last 4v5s gordza: yes you can gordza: its silver gordza: you can gordza: sivir gordza: lol gordza: just lol gordza: do you ever wonder why you are in silver gordza: i win 3/4 of my last 4v5s gordza: 2 of them in gold 3 elo gordza: sivir gordza: skorcher is my main acconut gordza: its gold 2 right now gordza: i win 3/4 of my last 3v4s gordza: 4v5s* gordza: play. gordza: play gordza: why gordza: why ff a game u can win gordza: alright gordza: 4v5 more than winnable gordza: 3v5 isnt gordza: gg sivir and irelia gordza: no gordza: gg you sivir gordza: you lose the game gordza: no gordza: you lost gordza: for?> gordza: for you and irelia afking? gordza: thats not how reports work gordza: wow gordza: silver elo is funny gordza: "game over" at 0 turrets Post-Game gordza: sivir gordza: look on lolnexus gordza: just look gordza: in top 20 ranked amumu players EUW gordza: just go and look now gordza: you dont have to be good gordza: all u have to do is stay positive gordza: and play gordza: and we cn win gordza: even 4v5 gordza: we can win gordza: you and irelia will never get out of silver gordza: if you think a game is finished gordza: when 0 turrets aretaken gordza: thats just a joke gordza: and shows acomplete misunderstanding of how you win lol games gordza: "gg" at full turrets gordza: wtf is that
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