So, my first account I ever created got banned 3 years ago from today.

Disclaimer: I'm not asking for an appeal, although it would be kind of cool to play on it again. This is just my reform story. I have learned a lot over these past 3 years of playing this game, one of the main things is simply this: Don't even bother typing in chat if it has nothing to do with how you want to win the game. In my old account, I would get so fed up with people, I would just point fingers for people making mistakes, even though at the time, I was the one making the most mistakes. I was a Bronze 1 player who just climbed to Silver 5 for the first time, then immediately got banned right after because I apparently was flaming my Sona support. Originally, I made the account in like season 3 I believe, and then got banned in pre season 6. A big part of my ban was related to playing ranked, because I never really took the game as a competitive standard, but then I was introduced into ranked and it REALLY stressed me out. I would literally start shaking in game because I was so damn nervous about losing, so I vented my anxiety and frustration onto other players and made their time with me a living hell. On the side of things though, I wasn't doing things like intentionally feeding or purposely voting no to FF's so I can hold my teammates hostage, I was just yelling at them. It was after my ban that I realized that none of that was worth it, all that typing that didn't solve anything, because I don't even remember what happened in the game, nor do I remember what champion I was even playing. To be honest, if I had the chance, I would add all of those players I was being a jerk too just to apologize 3 years later. There was no excuse for me to be acting like that, stressed out or not. I just looked at my teammates like they weren't human beings, but AI on my screen, so in my mind at the time, I didn't think that they could possibly get offended in a sense. In todays standards, I'm a pretty happy and out going guy in game. I always manage to find myself laughing at playing things like AP Shaco top and outplaying my opponents and seeing people on my team laugh from excitement of me 1v2ing in lane, or it could be the other way around. I've managed to make many friends, some of which I've been playing with for roughly 2 years off and on. Of course, I still get annoyed from time to time, but it's mainly on silly balance changes that Riot is popping out. Never is it against my teamamtes, nor my opponents, because the Rift isn't a place to bitch and bicker, it's a place to make friends, share moments with and to win as a team, or lose gracefully. A lot of my reform came from maturity, some other parts came from chatting with Heralds and Advisors, some came from me being in College and getting a girlfriend. Regardless of what lead to it, I'm proud of myself, for the man I once was isn't anything like I am today. Anyways, thank you guys for taking a listen to what I had to share. It means a lot. -Yamacchi
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