Is ranked more or less toxic than normals (in your opinion/experience)?

Tad bit of context: Although I don't see myself as an overly competitive player, I still much more prefer draft pick over blind pick, and in the Oceanic server, normal draft is disabled for quite a bit of the day, and due to my work schedule, I'm unable to play much of it while I'm awake, which is why I'm more or less considering on just playing ranked. I'm a player who believes in everyone having bad games every now and then and feeding (unintentionally) is absolutely acceptable to me; what I'm more concerned about is toxicity since from my experience, toxicity has caused more losses than players having a bad game who keeps trying. What do you guys think? (Note that I'm in low elo, and for those who say "doesn't matter, low elo is easy anyway, just solo carry", I'm in low elo myself for a reason. If I could do that I wouldn't be in low elo)
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