AFK solution; a semi-wild idea

I have a somewhat radical idea that I wanted to throw out there and see what folks thought. Generally speaking, AFKers cause more problems than they need to, so my goal here is to cook up a solution that will mitigate the damage AFKers do and give the remaining four players a viable chance. (All italics subject to change) Once LeaveBuster picked up that a player has AFK'd for more than a _5 minute period _ it prevents that player from rejoining the game in progress, or any other game mode. Then, that player will have a _30 minute timer_ once the game ends to be able to queue again. To compensate for this missing player, after _the 15 minute mark_, every _third wave_ of minions will spawn _one super minion. _ Of the three waves leaving the base, only one wave will contain a super minion, and the wave selected will be random.
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