Banned after a single game??

So I just got my first 2 week ban from a single game? I'm really confused as I didn't say anything extremely inflammatory. Here are the logs from the single game that got my banned. I was trash talking enemy jungler, but he was trash talking back. I reported him and nothing happened to him, yet i'm banned for two weeks based off of one game. Pre Game Lobby: sharkboyQC: fp fizz brave In Game: sharkboyQC: lol sharkboyQC: that doesnt o%%%% as leashing sharkboyQC: .. [All]sharkboyQC: k [All]sharkboyQC: lol [All]sharkboyQC: for me [All]sharkboyQC: got your flash [All]sharkboyQC: and had to go b anyways [All]sharkboyQC: lol [All]sharkboyQC: worth as fuck [All]sharkboyQC: ty [All]sharkboyQC: lucky [All]sharkboyQC: rofl [All]sharkboyQC: cya [All]sharkboyQC: ez sharkboyQC: kha bot side sharkboyQC: ur 0-6 sharkboyQC: im good sharkboyQC: die 2v2 onlny sharkboyQC: waste of my time sharkboyQC: kha has literally done nothing this game sharkboyQC: 1-1-1 kha sharkboyQC: and all my lanes are losing sharkboyQC: legit sharkboyQC: lvl 10 kha sharkboyQC: lol [All]sharkboyQC: better jg wins amirite [All]sharkboyQC: lvl 10 kha [All]sharkboyQC: rofl [All]sharkboyQC: 1-1-1 [All]sharkboyQC: XD [All]sharkboyQC: youre lvl 10 [All]sharkboyQC: and 1-1-1 [All]sharkboyQC: yeah they lost 2v2 [All]sharkboyQC: 4 times [All]sharkboyQC: whats new [All]sharkboyQC: traash [All]sharkboyQC: toxic [All]sharkboyQC: is when youre mean to teammates [All]sharkboyQC: lol [All]sharkboyQC: forreal [All]sharkboyQC: cant handle the truth [All]sharkboyQC: lvl 11 [All]sharkboyQC: lol [All]sharkboyQC: yourte useless [All]sharkboyQC: my bot lane lost 2v2 [All]sharkboyQC: its ok bud [All]sharkboyQC: youre not good [All]sharkboyQC: 3 levels behind [All]sharkboyQC: embarassing [All]sharkboyQC: yeah [All]sharkboyQC: not cuz of you [All]sharkboyQC: its like you dont know how to read [All]sharkboyQC: rofl [All]sharkboyQC: 3 losing lanes [All]sharkboyQC: without you doing shit [All]sharkboyQC: the entire game [All]sharkboyQC: and being 3 levels behind [All]sharkboyQC: with zero kp [All]sharkboyQC: literally zero kp [All]sharkboyQC: KP [All]sharkboyQC: not KD [All]sharkboyQC: learn to read [All]sharkboyQC: jesus [All]sharkboyQC: KP [All]sharkboyQC: do you know what that means? [All]sharkboyQC: apparently not [All]sharkboyQC: you dont get banned for talkiong to enemy team [All]sharkboyQC: only trash talking your own [All]sharkboyQC: whys that [All]sharkboyQC: gg [All]sharkboyQC: better jg wins XD
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