So this is what Plat looks like, huh?

I recently managed to go on a very nice win streak with this account, and I've ended up skipping a few promos and am now Gold IV with Plat IV mmr... and I have to say, this place is a nightmare. For every decent game I play, I have one where our jungler is playing Call of Duty, going in 1v5, and screaming at everyone for not following into obvious bait, then calling "lag" when he misses smite on a clutch baron, or a game where top lane Morde gets soloed by Lulu and immediately goes AFK, then we barely lose the 4v5, or a game where Thresh question mark pings Jhin when he dies in lane, and says "Why did you do that?" then Jhin proceeds to run it down for the next 15 mins while the rest of the team is barely holding onto the 4v6, and winning teamfights without him. What the hell is this game? How are these morons Plat? Is being able to carry these brainless chimpanzees supposed to be a requirement to rank up?
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