Permanent ban for third party software....I never used any of any kind this is 100% mistake.

Hello, I have been playing on the same account for like 10 years without a single ban of any kind. Last night i was playing some URF for fun and did not think much...until today i get on again to have fun on URF and find my account permanent banned apparently for third party software. I do not use any kind of third party software of any kind this is completely wrong, not sure if its mistake. Only software i run on background is Dicord/Steam/Windows defender and firewall and malwarebytes anti malware. I honestly do not have anything else opened and have certainly not cheated or used anything agaisnt the rules (i also have new launcher from LoL). What can i do about this ban? i am honestly banned for no reason at all. What actions can i take now and have this reversed. Any information is appreciated.
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