"Honorable" Toxic Players.

So when I started playing today, I got paired with a triple queue, nothing unusual there, but I noticed that we were losing and hard. So I tried to surrender, but was met with unanimous resistance. I tell them that I can't carry them, and that this is a clear loss. Now here's where it starts. One of the enemy team starts berating me for being realistic. So they start harassing me, calling me hurtful things, and all that crazy stuff. I just let it go hoping I wouldn't see them again after the match. Lo and behold, I get paired with the EXACT SAME TRIPLE QUEUE in the next game. Now the one who was harassing me? He wasted NO TIME in harassing me again. From the champ select to the game itself. Once the game starts, before we even head into lane, he goes into all chat: "<my lane opponent champ name>" "Hope you want to feel like a Challenger." "This guy sucks." "He's all lubed up and ready for you." Then I died once because the jungler ganked, and he goes right back into all chat with "It begins." I figured 'enough was enough' and just muted him because he was not contributing anything in the chat. So yeah, that lasted until the end, of course we lost again and what do I see? THIS GUY... THE ONE WHO HAS BEEN EXPLICITLY HARASSING ME NON-STOP... GETS THE MOST HONORABLE PLAYER ON THE TEAM AWARD! That just makes me so fucking mad it's unreal. It's like Riot doesn't care about people being toxic, because being honorable is tied directly to how well you can play the game.
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